Cannabis is very useful to treat pain, depression or for patients suffering from chronic diseases. In addition, cannabis can be used in glaucoma patients as several studies have shown that cannabis reduces intraocular pressure.

Many glaucoma patients use cannabis and glaucoma is one of the most common reasons for using medicinal cannabis.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a very common eye condition. When a person suffers from glaucoma, the optic nerve which connects the eye to the brain is damaged. It is usually caused by the accumulation of fluid in the front part of the eye, which raises pressure inside the eye.

According to Mayo Clinic, these are the most common symptoms of glaucoma:

Open-angle glaucoma:

  • Patchy blind spots in your side (peripheral) or central vision, frequently in both eyes
  • Tunnel vision in the advanced stages

Acute angle-closure glaucoma:

  • Severe headache
  • Eye pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Eye redness

How can Cannabis Help to Treat Glaucoma?

Cannabis reduces intraocular pressure but in order to really feel its effects, the person who suffers from glaucoma would need to vape or ingest cannabis several times a day. Therefore, to treat glaucoma and reduce intraocular pressure, we recommend cannabis strains low in THC. CBD is not recommended as some studies have shown that CBD may increase intraocular pressure. In addition, THC is not the best remedy to treat glaucoma as the patient would need to smoke a lot of pot. There are many medicines that are very useful to treat glaucoma and cannabis has a temporary effect in reducing intraocular pressure.

The following cannabis strains could be useful to treat glaucoma as they are low or moderate low in THC. However, keep in mind that its effects are temporary and THC and cannabis isn’t the most effective way to treat glaucoma.

10. Space Needle

This is a Sativa cannabis strain with a moderate THC level. It’s a cross between Blue Dream and Vortex. It helps to lower eye pressure and it’s also an excellent cannabis strain to feel relaxed.

9. The Lime

Although it’s a bit high in THC (17%), the Lime is cannabis strain that might help reduce eye pressure. It’s one of the cannabis strains recommended for lowering eye pressure. The Lime has also decent levels of CBG (1%). Its main terpenes are terpinolene, limonene and myrcene. If you like cannabis strains with a lemony flavor, then the Lime is a perfect strain for you.

8. White Cheese

It’s a cross between Super Skunk and Afghani. White Cheese is also an excellent cannabis strain to reduce intraocular pressure. It also helps to reduce headaches, stress, fatigue, and depression. White Cheese is quite high in THC (16%) and its main terpenes are limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene.

7. Carnival

Another cannabis strain that reduces intraocular pressure. Carnival is rich in terpinolene. In addition to terpinolene, you will also taste other terpenes such as ocimene and caryophyllene. Carnival has 16% of THC and 1% of CBG.

6. Silverhawks OG

This strain rich in terpinolene. Silverhawks OG reduces intraocular pressure and it’s quite high in THC (21%) with 1% of CBG. Silverhawks OG is also rich in pinene and myrcene.

5. Painkiller

This is a hybrid strain (80% Indica) high inn both THC and CBD. This strain has a citrus and sour flavor and it’s commonly used as a medical cannabis strain. Its parent strains are White Russian and Sensi Star.

4. The Guice

Another hybrid strain with moderate high levels of THC (19%). The Guice is a cross between Original Glue and Orange Valley OG. This energizing cannabis strains is recommended to reduce intraocular pressure. Its main terpenes are caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene.

3. Soulshine Aloha

A 70% Indica / 30% Sativa strain. Soulshine Aloha is an excellent strain to reduce eye pressure. Soulshine Aloha has an earthy flavor with THC levels that oscillate from 10 to 18%. Soulshine Aloha is a cross between Ice Princess and Hawaiian Big Bud.

2. The Ooze

Another Indica dominant strain (80/20 Indica dominant), the Ooze has been also used to reduce intraocular pressure. The Ooze is a cross between Green Crack and White Fire Alien OG.

1. Skunk +

It’s a cross between Black Domina and Skunk. This calming cannabis strain might help in reducing eye pressure. Its main terpenes are pinene, myrcene and caryophyllene. Skunk + has 16% of THC.