For cannabis experts, the most important thing is the cannabinoid profile that the cannabis strain has. Secondly, there would be the terpene profile that the strain has. Possibly, after cannabinoids and terpenes, what attracts the attention of cannabis users is the color of the cannabis buds and colorful cannabis strains. Some cannabis strains have a characteristic purple color that was traditionally due to the exposure of the plant to cold temperatures. Currently, many of these purple strains are the result of selective breeding. For example, the use of LED grow lights encourages the production of anthocyanins, which is the pigment that gives cannabis buds and leaves that characteristic purple color.

How Does Cannabis Get its Color?

As all plants, cannabis is packed with chlorophyll, which is a chemical compound very important for plants. Plants have the ability to obtain energy from the sun. They achieve this through a process called photosynthesis, which employs a green pigment called chlorophyll.

The second chemical compound are anthocyanins. As the temperature drops, they reduce chlorophyll production and increase anthocyanin synthesis. This results in cannabis leaves and buds of different colors such as purple, red or pink.

Cannabis color may be regulated by the plant’s acidity levels, in addition to genetics and temperature, according to recent studies. Scientists discovered that plants with greater acidity levels have more red and pink tones, whereas neutral plants have more purple tones, high pH plants have blue tones, and alkaline-rich plants yellow tones.

Which Cannabis Strains have Wonderful Colors?

Some cannabis strains have a greater disposition to produces more anthocyanins. However, both environmental factor and genetics play an important role in the production of anthocyanins. In short, no cannabis strain is guaranteed to produce a specific color in its buds. The following list of strains of strains are famous for the colorful buds and leaves:

Pink Panties

This strain is a cross between Burmese Kush and a Florida Kush. Its THC levels are moderate-high (16%) with 1% of CBG. Pink Panties is a calming cannabis strains rich in myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene. It’s also popular as medical cannabis strain for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Grandaddy Purple

Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan have all been crossed to create Grandaddy Purple. Pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene are the major terpenes in Granddaddy Purple. In addition, this strain contains 17% THC. This strain has uplifting and soothing properties.

The Black

This Indica cannabis strain is rich in THC with 17% of this psychoactive cannabinoid. In addition, it also has 1% of CBG. The Black is rich in terpinolene with limonene and myrcene as its two other major terpenes. This cannabis strain is perfect to combat insomnia and to relieve pain. If you are lookng for colorful cannabis strains, then try the Black.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Some people claim it smells like blueberry cheesecake and hence its name. Blueberry Cheesecake is rich in THC (17%) with myrcene, humulene and caryophyllene as its main terpene. This strain is known for its distinctive light green and violet color.

Forbidden Fruit

This strain is not very high in THC (14%). This cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie is a calming cannabis strain with myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene as its major terpenes. In addition, Forbidden Fruit is a popular medical cannabis strain. This is one of the most colorful cannabis strains.

Pink Kush

An Indica dominant strain, Pink Kush is high in THC (18%) with 1% of CBG. Its very popular to relieve pain, combat insomnia and to increase appetite. Pink Kush is also famous for its characteristic pinky color. Its main terpenes are myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene.

Panama Red

This classic cannabis strain comes originally from Panama. One of its main characteristics is its high content of pinene, which is its dominant terpene. In addition to pinene, Panama Red is rich in limonene and myrcene. Moreover, this energizing cannabis strain is rich in THC (18%) with 1% of CBG. If you like colorful cannabis strains, then Panama Red is a good choice for you.

Pinkman Goo

This strain is known for its pink color. Pinkman Goo this strain is very resinous due to a genetic mutation. This mutation makes this strain very potent and psychoactive. Its main terpenes are terpinolene, myrcene and limonene. Pinkman Goo is very popular to combat insomnia and reduce stress, which makes it a very popular cannabis strains among medical cannabis users.

Rainbow Kush

Also known as Rainbow Bud, this strain is high in THC with 18% of this psychoactive cannabinoid. This cross between Dancehall with Blueberry is rich in myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene. If you are looking for a strain that boosts creativity and has pain relief properties, then Rainbow Kush is the perfect strain for you.

Orange Crush

This strain is a cross between California Orange and Blueberry. Orange Crush is a sweet cannabis strain with energizing effects. In addition, Orange Crush is rich in THC with 18% of this cannabinoid. This strain will make you feel happy, euphoric, and uplifted. Its main terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene.