Los Angeles is known as the city of Angels, but it’s also the city of countless amazing legal weed products. With the legalization of cannabis, you can now dab on the go at your convenience, at your own risk. We will first say that smoking in public is not yet legal, so we are not encouraging public consumption by any means. But, if you were to bring a device like our daab™ mobile rig with you into the city, these might be great places to take a dab and drink in some scenery.

We’ve scouted out the best 3 places you might want to dab on the go while exploring Los Angeles. We’ve also put together some of the best-recommended devices and gear from Ispire to experience all the city’s wonders while high.

3. Santa Monica Pier

Carney games, boardwalk food, carnival rides, and more! The Santa Monica Pier, located just up the coast from Venice Beach and at the end of the famous route 66, is a classic, favorite spot beloved by many since 1909. After a discreet sesh, this might be a great place to enjoy countless activities while letting your inner child run loose.

Enjoy strolling the boardwalk, looking at artwork, listening to local buskers play, catching a street performance, and taking in the fresh ocean air. The pier also offers many public events, including live concerts, food festivals, outdoor movie screenings, yoga classes, and more. There are also many delicious dining cafes and bistros to check out and enjoy while strolling along the boardwalk. A local favorite in Santa Monica is the famous Soda Jerks Ice Cream Shop. Located inside the carousel building, one of the oldest structures in Santa Monica. Step inside and get lost in early 20th-century charm! Go try a tasty, cold ice-cream sundae at this vintage-inspired soda fountain.

If you’re more of a night owl, the Santa Monica Pier might be the perfect spot to dab on the go after hours. Enjoy the glistening lights from the boardwalk or the majestic ocean views. Once the sun sets, the pier turns into a stimulating and sublime experience. The city offers a “Locals Night,” curated for locals or anyone looking for an authentic “local” experience. Once a month you can join in on the fun of live music entertainment, local art installations, and exclusive offers to local businesses.

Ideal for: Entertainment & Nightlife

2. Smorgasburg

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find Smorgasburg, one of the largest open-air food markets in America – And yes, that would make it the largest Munchie Market, for anyone who was wondering.

Wake up on Sunday morning and prepare to indulge! Some favorite bites among the locals include Cali Dumpling, Happy Ice, and Say it Ain’t So. Open every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, you’ll find an assortment of delicious, mouthwatering food and beverages that might pair nicely with your favorite concentrate. Head over to ROW DTLA and spend the day at the Smorgasburg market getting high and stuffing your face with food and drinks from over a hundred different LA vendors. Consider taking a dab in your parked car before you shop the market and spend the day indulging.

After perusing the festival, don’t forget to check out some of the many other attractions downtown Los Angeles has to offer. Support LA art and stop by the Institute of Contemporary Art for elaborate artistic experimentation that will be sure to stimulate the mind. Or, stop by The Last Bookstore for an authentic literary experience. With the rise of book stores slowly becoming extinct, this book store is here to stay. This book lovers paradise offers a unique selection of vintage, rare books, vinyl, classic favorites, etc. So, if you enjoy getting high and putting your nose in a good book, remember this spot for your next trip. No matter the activity downtown, it might pair nicely with your high.

Ideal for: Satisfying the Munchies

1. Hollywood Hills

For a proper Los Angeles smoke spot, you might want to head over to the Hollywood Hills to take a dab and take in some of the city’s most iconic views. The Hills offer many breathtaking viewpoints of the city. Take the scenic road up, experience a view of the Hollywood bowl from above, or catch the sunset overlooking Laurel Canyon, home to many of Hollywood’s dazzling celebrities and rising entrepreneurs.

In addition, this list wouldn’t be complete without adding a trip up to the Hollywood Sign. Built in 1923, initially reading “Hollywood Land,” this sign acted as an outdoor campaign intended for suburban housing though turned into what is now a symbol for the Los Angeles entertainment industry, slowly evolving into what is now the Hollywood Sign.

Perfect for a solo adventure or with a group of friends, spend the day hiking to the top of one of the world’s most notorious monuments. You can take three hikes to the top, each ranking in a different difficulty level from easy to advanced. The Mt Hollywood Trail, the Brush Canyon Trail, and the Cahuenga Peak Trail offer an experience for everyone. Though you can’t physically touch the sign, the western side of Griffith Park allows hikers an up-close experience, just below the ridgeline at the 1,708-foot summit of Mt. Lee.

Regardless of which direction, you’re guaranteed spectacular scenery that will tantalize your mind and satisfy your high no matter the route you take. You might want to pack your daab™ so that you have the option to celebrate victory at the top with a perfectly temped dab.

Ideal for: Scenic Views

The Equipment

Though outdoor cannabis consumption seems common, we still urge you to play it safe and consume it on your own private property. If you choose to consume out in public, it is at your own risk.

With that in mind, Ispire has you covered for all of your dabbing and vaping needs. You can find quality dabbing devices and tools that might help you achieve quick, discreet, and enjoyable dabs on the go! Bring along our newest addition, daab. This portable e-rig will conveniently heat to your desired temperature in any setting. This sleek all-in-one daab kit includes the most elevated handheld dab rig on the market that uses induction heating and promises the cleanest way to consume your cannabis concentrates. Or, bring along The Wand, giving you the ability to heat any rig using the same induction heating method. Both devices from Ispire might be the perfect ride-along for your next LA outing.

Final Thoughts

Los Angeles has you covered whether you’re looking to enjoy the scenery, stuff your face with local cuisine, or hike some of Hollywood’s most epic hills. You’ll find countless spots and attractions that might just make for ideal locations to dab on the go and enjoy your high while experiencing the city. All you have to do is remember to bring along your favorite concentrate and trusted Ispire devices!