In California, there are a lot of options for cannabis concentrates to try. With so many brands to dab, it can be difficult identifying anything new that you might like. Luckily, Ispire is made up of passionate cannabis consumers that are always trying new brands and products. They are also California’s premier vape and dabbing technology company with the perfect tools for enjoying the state’s best dabs. The Wand™ and daab™ are Ispire’s solutions for safe, convenient, and clean dabbing at home or on the go.

If it had to be narrowed down to five California brands to dab with Ispire devices, a few come to mind. Wonderbrett, Cannabiotix, Connected, Moxie, and FIELD Extracts are all personal favorites that Ispire’s staff enjoy. Most of these brands are known for their outstanding cannabis flower, when really, they’re leveling up the concentrate game as well. Learn more about popular products from these Californian brands to dab below.


Since the ‘90s, Wonderbrett has been one of the key figures in California cannabis in one way or another. Wonderbrett’s founder, Brett, is a Cali legend for getting his hands on the original cut of OG Kush in 1997. By 1999, he had taken the West Coast by storm, and was serving up weed to artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Xzibit, and more. In 2014, he formally launched the Wonderbrett brand and the cannabis community hasn’t been the same since. Known for their popular in-house genetics like OZ Kush, Grapes of Wrath, and Pink Picasso, Wonderbrett has recently put out a powerful line of live resin concentrates.

Wonderbrett Pink Picasso Premium Live Badder
Pink Picasso Premium Live Badder

Wonderbrett’s Pink Picasso is a literal work of art. It took years of meticulous cultivation to create this complex hybrid strain. The exotic Pink Picasso strain comes from crossing Candyland with OZ Kush. In Live Badder form, this concentrate takes on potentially even stronger effects and bigger flavors. You’ll find notes of champagne, cotton candy, and spicy cookies with each dab. The high might be sinfully euphoric, calming your nerves and uplifting your mood.


Cannabiotix (CBX) is another classic name in the California cannabis scene. Starting in California in 2014, they left for Nevada briefly to hone their genetics before returning to the Sunshine State. They’re known for boutique, high-end cannabis strains that reflect their over twenty years of cultivation experience. Some of their rare strains and heirloom classics include Kush Mountains, Cereal Milk, White Walker OG, GM-UHOH, and Tropicanna. In recent years, they’ve expanded their outstanding strain roster to include live resin concentrates that are brimming with flavor.

Cannabiotix Cereal Milk Live Resin Terp Sugar
Cereal Milk Live Resin Terp Sugar

Cannabiotix is one of the first purveyors of the Cereal Milk strain by the Cookies Fam. This outstanding hybrid strain is made from crossing Y Life (Cookies x Cherry Pie) and Snowman. Loud, milky, and sweet terps that remind you of ice cream are taken to the next level in concentrate form. This live resin terp sugar has a crazy nose and a potency that you shouldn’t take lightly. A potent high will potentially ensue from a single dab, unleashing a wave of positivity that might relieve anxiety, depression, and stress.

Connected Cannabis Co.

Connected Cannabis Co. is one of the well-known top-shelf cannabis flower and concentrate brands in California. Since they launched in Sacramento in 2018, they’ve been able to rise up the ranks for a number of products. Widely known for their exotic flower, Connected’s line of live resin concentrates is equally worthy of praise. When it comes to brands to dab in California, Connected is an easy choice. They produce immensely popular strains such as Biscotti, Lemonatti, Gelonade, and Guava 2.0 in live resin sauces and budders you need to try.

Biscotti Live Resin Sauce
Biscotti Live Resin Sauce

Out of their entire strain lineup, Connected’s Biscotti was one of the first to reach stardom. This indica-leaning hybrid comes from crossing South Florida OG x Gelato 25 x GSC. Cookies Fam originally brought this exotic strain to life, but Connected has carried on its legacy. In live resin sauce form, this strain still gives off notes of chocolate, earth, coffee, and a pungent sweetness. One hit might take you to another planet of pure happiness, euphoria, and relaxation.


You can’t talk about legal cannabis in California without bringing up Moxie. As the first licensed brand in California, they’ve undoubtedly built a name for themselves around time-tested quality. Moxie is a group of industry pioneers that have consistently been putting out clean, socially conscious, and potent cannabis flower, concentrates, and vapes. When it comes to brands to dab, it’s worth picking up some of Moxie’s delicious live resin concentrates. They even have an affordable brand called MX that produces the same, if not more products for a cheaper price.

Moxie Golden Cobra Live Resin Badder
Golden Cobra Live Resin Badder

The Golden Cobra Live Resin Badder from Moxie is one of their rare releases. This tasty strain comes from crossing Grape Kush with a Tangie phenotype from DNA Genetics. Golden Cobra features a seriously tropical fruit bouquet that has sweet, citrus flavors on each hit. Potentially ideal for day-time use, this live resin badder might invigorate your spirit, energize your body, and promote creativity.

FIELD Extracts

FIELD Extracts is an LA-based concentrate brand that you should know more about. A newer name on the scene, their team has actually been making high-quality extractions for a long time. Live resin and rosin are the concentrates of choice for FIELD because they believe taste matters. You can also find their tasty line of vape cartridges and pre-rolls throughout California. FIELD Extracts pumps out popular genetics like Sundae Driver, Grease Monkey, Papaya, and RS-11 in live resin and rosin forms. For the amount of terps and the agreeable price point, this is definitely one of the brands to dab at least once.

FIELD Extracts Sundae Driver Live Rosin
Sundae Driver Live Rosin

Coming from the finest fresh frozen flower, FIELD Extracts’ Sundae Driver Live Rosin is a serious treat. Sundae Driver has been a fan favorite across California the past few years and even won several votes for best strain of 2018 by High Times. A cross between FPOG (Fruity Pebbles OG) and Grape Pie, this strain is decadent, fruity, and sweet. Creamy, grape flavors will fill your pallet as you potentially experience mellow yet exuberant highs that uplift while simultaneously relaxing.


These are some of the best brands to dab in California, hands-down. Unsurprisingly, each of these brands is producing either live resin, live rosin, or both. This is because these are the methods of extraction that arguably produce the highest levels of terpene and cannabinoid retention.

The Wand™ and daab™ by Ispire have the ability to hit lower temperatures than your average e-torch or e-rig. Either of these devices will keep more terpenes intact without scorching all the flavor. This is because of their state-of-the-art induction heating technology that reach the exact temperatures you need every time. Ispire is the best vape and dabbing technology brand in California for concentrate lovers that truly care about tasting the terps.