These days, it’s no secret that vaporizing cannabis concentrates is one of the cleanest and most powerful methods of consumption. For all of the true daily dabbers, though, it can be hard to find a reliable device they can depend on for low-temp dabs. Whether it’s the atomizer or battery, there’s always some sort of issue with the heating element. For those that like low-temp dabs, the majority of e-rigs on the market don’t even go below 450°F. The daab™ by Ispire is a discreet dabbing device that is able to maintain lower temps for tastier dabs. If you’ve been considering picking up your first e-rig and you like to taste the maximum amount of terpenes possible, there are several factors to consider. You need something that’s discreet and easy to clean that also offers options for different consistencies of concentrates. Heat control is another big factor, as being able to do “cold-start dabs” is one of the best ways to get the maximum amount of terps. Ispire’s daab™ checks off all the boxes as one of the most cutting-edge e-rigs on the market right now. By using induction heating and borosilicate glass, Ispire has eliminated the issue of burnt-out, dirty atomizers. Before you join the dabbing revolution, we’ll dive into five real reasons Ispire’s daab™ is the best e-rig for low-temp dabs.

Reclaim Cup

The daab™ is one of the most intelligent e-rigs on the market today, and the attachable reclaim cup is one of its smartest features. One of the side effects of taking low temp dabs is that you’ll be left with some residue that isn’t completely vaporized. Some of that residue might pass through the banger into the water chamber of the rig. Ispire made the daab™ to be easy to clean and not get gunked up by previous smoke seshes as quickly. For any low-temp dabbers, a way to collect and dispose of reclaim easily is essential to getting the most flavorful dabs every time.

Viscosity Ranges

The daab™ by Ispire is versatile and sturdy enough to handle any viscosity of cannabis concentrate. That means it can handle your hash rosin just as easily as any live or cured resin concentrates. Some e-rigs have a hard time with thicker concentrates like rosin and aren’t able to offer even vaporization. Everything from wax to shatter, budder, and diamonds are no match for the daab’s patented on-demand induction heating.

You Can Set The Temperature Below 450°F

When it comes to terpenes and cannabinoids, the hotter you go, the more quickly they burn off. Specifically, by the time you reach 400°F, you’ve already lost a significant amount of the terps. Many other e-rigs on the market don’t go any lower than 450°F. For the true cannabis concentrate connoisseur, the ability to hit temperatures lower than 450°F is desirable for the most flavorful dabs possible. This also opens up the option of cold-start dabbing to the extreme. Put your concentrate in and then set the daab™ on a lower heat setting. As it heats up, you’ll be able to get the most flavorful hit possible. This is all thanks to induction heating.

Induction Heating

Ispire’s method of induction heating in both the daab™ and The Wand™ is unique for a few reasons. Most common heating methods utilize a torch or open flame to the area that needs heating. Ispire’s induction method of heating causes heat to be “induced” within the part itself by circulating electrical currents. Because the heat is transferred internally, the daab™ never comes in contact with any flame or contaminant. This means the inductor itself doesn’t get hot and there is no product contamination. This method ensures of heating ensures the cleanest dabs every time at the exact temperature you desire.

Easy To Clean

From the borosilicate glass banger to the reclaim cup and patented induction heating, the daab™ by Ispire is one of the easiest e-rigs to clean. Coming apart into four different glass components, you can quickly clean each piece with common alcohol wipes. With the added feature of the reclaim cup, you’re going to be dealing with significantly less leftover oil in the water chamber. This will make it even easier to clean in the longrun.


When it comes to portable dabs at the lower temperatures you need for the most flavorful dabs, the daab™ by Ispire is revolutionizing the space. From its effective, clean, and ingenious methods of induction heating to its useful reclaim cup and ability to go below 450°F—this is the future of dabbing. For anyone that enjoys low-temp dabs that wants a consistent experience every time, the daab™ will deliver results. Join the dabbing revolution today an