At Ispire, we’ve developed a ground-breaking portable dab rig designed to enhance and maximize your dabbing experience. The Ispire daab is a precision-engineered dab rig that takes into account both terpenes and cannabinoids’ boiling points. To maximize the functionality of your daab device, you must keep the daab batteries in optimal condition. To that end, we’ve written this brief tutorial to ensure you understand how to properly charge the batteries in your daab smart rig prior to using it.

How to use daab: batteries

The daab™ is shipped with two 18650 batteries with a battery insulation sheet inserted. These batteries are shipped from the factory at a voltage of 3.7-3.9V. That is, the batteries are not completely charged. To use the daab to its full potential, you must charge these two batteries to an optimal voltage of 4.1-4.2V. As is the case with all electronic devices, the customer needs to charge the batteries completely before using them for the first time. This is the only way to ensure a consistent experience and extended battery life.

Why are some batteries not rechargeable?

It can be for two reasons:

  1. When one of the two batteries’ voltages falls below 1.5V, it can no longer be recharged. When this occurs, the battery is unusable and must be replaced. However, this sort of scenario occurs infrequently. When the battery voltage falls below 3.4V, the daab becomes inoperable and needs to be recharged.

  1. When the two batteries’ voltages are out of balance. For instance, one is 3.7V whereas the other is 3.5V. When this occurs, charging time will be extended significantly, around 8-9 hours for a full charge. This is the most common case. Some customers charge the batteries for 2-3 hours and then see low power bars, assuming the batteries are dead and not rechargeable. Indeed, they just require additional time to completely charge both batteries to the same voltage.

The daab battery: Conclusion

Each month, the daab’s battery will lose around 0.043V. If the voltage is 3.7V when it leaves the factory, it will drop to 3.442V after six months. As a result, the daab will notify the customers when their batteries need to be recharged. In conclusion, customers must completely charge both batteries prior to the first use to ensure a long battery life and an effective dabbing experience.