Growing cannabis indoors differs from growing cannabis in your garden in a few important ways. The ability to manage the whole production process while growing cannabis indoors is a huge advantage. Suppose you cultivate cannabis indoors where you can regulate the temperature, amount of light and air circulation in the space you’ve built.

You can produce high-quality cannabis since you have complete control over the whole manufacturing process. Furthermore, it is a fantastic alternative if you have a limited amount of room or if you want to have more privacy in your home.

In addition, when you cultivate cannabis indoors, your crop is not dependent on the light or the seasons, which means you may harvest throughout the year. This is referred to as “perpetual harvest”. Perpetual harvest is a crop rotation system, and each stage requires its own place (clones, vegetative and flowering). This system operates on a continual rotation basis. When a set of plants has completed the blooming process, they will be replaced by a set of plants in the vegetative stage, and these vegetative stage plants will be replaced by clones. In a nutshell, continuous harvest is comprised of three distinct stages of cannabis growth (clones or seedlings, vegetative and flowering).

Best Cannabis Strains to Grow at Home

Wedding Crasher

This strain is suitable for growing indoors. Wedding Crasher is a hybrid strain high in THC (21%). In addition, Wedding Crasher has 1% of CBG. This strain is perfect for indoor cannabis cultivation. Moreover, this strain is rich in caryophyllene.


Also known as Skittles, this strain is also recommended for indoor growing. Zkittlez is high in THC with 19% of this psychoactive cannabinoid. In addition, it also has 1% of CBG like Wedding Crasher. Its primary terpene is also caryophyllene.

Northern Lights

This strain is also known as NL. Northern Lights is one of the most popular strains for indoor growing. Northern Lights has a moderate-high THC content (16%). This cross of Afghani and Thai induces calming effects and it’s excellent to combat insomnia and depression. Moreover, its primary terpene is myrcene.

Purple Haze

Another famous cannabis strains that we have included in previous lists. Purple Haze is a cannabis strain high in THC (17%). In addition, it’s known for its characteristic purple color. Moreover, its main terpene are pinene, myrcene and caryophyllene.

Haze Berry

This energizing cannabis strain is perfect for indoor growing. Haze Berry is very high in THC (21%) and it’s a cross between Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. It’s flowering time is short (9-10 weeks) which makes it ideal for perpetual harvest. Its main terpenes is myrcene.

Big Bud

This Indica cannabis strain is also very popular for indoor growing. Big Bud is moderate high in THC with 16% of this cannabinoid. In addition, it also contains 1% of CBG. Big Bud is a cross between Skunk#1, Northern Lights and Afghani. This strain induces calming effects, which makes it ideal to combat anxiety and insomnia. Furthermore, its main terpene is pinene.

Bruce Banner

Also known as OG Banner, this strain flower in approximately 8 to 10 weeks. This energizing cannabis strain is very high in THC (21%) and one of the most popular strain for indoor cannabis cultivation. Moreover, Bruce Banner is rich in myrcene. In addition, Bruce Banner is also recommended for medical use as it help with stress, pain and depression.

Durban Poison

As its name indicates, Durban Poison stems from South Africa. A very popular strain for indoor growing, Durban Poison is moderate-high in THC (17%) with 1% of CBG. This highly energizing strain is perfect for active cannabis users who wish to stay active and productive throughout the day. Moreover, Durban Poison is rich in terpinolene.