Cannabis growers crossbreed different cannabis strains in order to obtain strain with certain traits. We have written about cannabis strains rich in CBD. For instance, some of these strains, such as, Charlotte’s Web contain almost no THC.

Some cannabis users want to consume cannabis strains rich in THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid, in short, the cannabinoid that gets you high.

What is THC?

THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid. THC is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. To be more precise, THC is present in cannabis in its acidic form which is called THCa. THCa does not have psychoactive properties and that is why it needs to be “activated” and convert to THC to induce altered states in the consumer. THC is obtained after a process known as decarboxylation. In other words, the heating and/or the curing process that releases a carboxyl group. After this process, THCa converts into its decarboxylated and psychoactive form known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is a psychoactive substance that causes an altered state of consciousness. Moreover, it also causes an increased appetite, and the consumer especially craves for sweets; THC consumes a lot of glucose, hence the hunger and craving for sweet foods.

Which Strain are Rich in THC?

The following list are cannabis strain rich in THC. The cannabis strains could be used for their medical and recreational properties:

Cookies Gelato

This cannabis strain is a crossbreed of two different cannabis strains (Girl Scout Cookies X Gelato 33). This cannabis strain is very powerful with a 28% THC content. Cookies Gelato is 50% cannabis Sativa and 50% Cannabis Indica. Cookies Gelato is a very psychoactive strain suitable for experienced THC users.

Royal Gorilla

Some Royal Gorilla strains can have more than 30% THC content. The Royal Gorilla strain is also 50% cannabis Sativa and 50% cannabis Indica. This is a cannabis strain suitable for experienced cannabis users. As it is highly psychoactive, it’s not recommended for people who have anxiety problems.

High-THC strains will produce strong psychoactive effects and may be beneficial for reducing nausea, increasing appetite, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, and/or improving muscle control problems.

Kosher Kush

This is another THC-rich cannabis strain. The Kosher Kush has a 20% THC content. However, some Kosher Kush can reach up to 29% of THC. This strain is 100% cannabis Indica and most users report relaxant and sedative effects.

Kosher Kush cannabis is one of the simpler strains to grow. It was initially only available as a clone, but DNA Genetics has recently released a seed version of this crop.


With up to 27-28% of THC, the Hulkberry is a very potent and psychoactive cannabis strain. It’s approximately 65% cannabis Sativa and 35% Cannabis Indica. This cannabis strain is recommended for experienced users as its THC content is very high. In other words, unexperienced users might experience anxiety and paranoia.

White Fire OG

It’s an Indica dominant strain (60% cannabis Indica and 40% Cannabis Sativa). It has a 20.5% of THC content. This cannabis strain causes euphoria.

Death Star

Another euphoric cannabis strain. The Death Star contains 19.5% of THC. Remember that the more THC the stronger the high you will get.

Great White Shark

This cannabis strain isn’t one of the most famous ones, but it was one of the first ones I tried, a long time ago, in Amsterdam. The Great White Sharks offers a euphoric effect and it contains 14.5% of THC.

The White

This strain contains up to 21% of THC. It is called “the White” for its crystal resin coat. You will experience a highly psychoactive trip after smoking “the White”.

Bruce Banner

This another THC-rich strain with an impressive 23% of THC. Due to its high THC content, this cannabis strain will give you an euphoric and psychoactive effect.


This cannabis strain has a 19% THC content. Like most of THC rich strains, it is invigorating, euphoric and a stress relief strain.

Other THC-Rich Cannabis Strains

You can find many other THC-rich strains, both Sativa and Indica ones. In addition, there are also powerful hybrid strains. Moreover, there are other powerful hybrid strains that are crossbreeds of Sativa and/or Indica with Cannabis Ruderalis. These hybrids are appreciated because of their auto-flowering capabilities.