HTFSE or high terpene full spectrum extracts is a full spectrum extract containing the full range of terpenes from the cannabis trichomes without the non-therapeutic compounds such as lipids and waxes.

These kind of cannabis extracts, focus on the extraction and preservation of terpenes that have potential therapeutic properties.

There are two kind of full-spectrum extracts: HCFSE and HTFSE. The former one focuses on cannabinoids while the latter one focuses on the extraction of terpenes.

These high terpene full spectrum extracts are more difficult to extract than cannabis isolates. Full spectrums are very popular because of the “entourage effect” theory. In other words, cannabis, flavonoids, and terpenes work better together (a synergistic chemical effect).

What is HTFSE?

In a previous blog post, we mentioned that HCFSE is very high in THC or CBD (reaching up to 90%). However, HTFSE is not as high in cannabinoids. Nonetheless, it can reach up to 50% in cannabinoids. High terpene full spectrum extracts, as its name indicates, keeps a higher percentage of terpenes (between 10 to 40%).

Both HTFSE and HCFSE are full-spectrum extracts. However, the way they are processed and extracted differ from one another.

Usually, HTFSE is considered a purer full-spectrum extract than HCFSE. Both resins and hash could also be considered “full spectrum extracts”. However, HTFSE differs from both resins and hash as it does not contain lipids and waxes.


The main reason why cannabis users choose HTFSE above other extracts and full spectrum products is because its therapeutic effects. Nonetheless, it is not scientifically proved that terpenes have therapeutic properties. It is a hypothesis and, as for now, we can just say terpenes have potential medical properties.

The entourage effect theory (full spectrum cannabis) claims that cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids act synergistically, which means that they have more therapeutic properties when they are used together. THC isolates are purer in THC, and they are an excellent choice for cannabis users seeking to get high. In conclusion, to choose between HTFSE or HCFSE depends on personal preferences.

How is it Made?

HTFSE is extracted in a similar way as other full spectrum extracts. Usually, they use a combined butane and CO2 extraction method.

Firstly, the resin (hash) is extracted from the trichomes. The next step involves the use of butane and propane as a solvent in order to extract full spectrum oleoresins. CO2 extraction method is useful for selective separation.

When this process is completed, the second stage consists of dewaxing it or “winterization”. This process is important to increase terpene content and to extend the full spectrum extract’s longevity.

After dewaxing the solution, the next step is crystallization. In this process residual solvents are removed to make the extract as pure as possible with no solvent contaminations. Then, the full spectrum extract will undergo a process of maturation that will release CO2 and water vapor. Once this process is completed, we will get a high-quality high terpene full spectrum extract.

High Terpenes Full Spectrum Extract: Conclusion

HTFSE or high terpenes full spectrum extract have more therapeutic properties than cannabis isolates and HCFSE. Both HCFSE and cannabis isolates also contain terpenes and flavonoids but not at the same concentration as HTFSE.

HTFSE are mainly used for its therapeutic properties. Although HTFSE extracts are not as high in cannabinoids as high cannabinoid full spectrum extracts or cannabis isolates, some HTFSE can reach up to more than 50% of cannabinoids.

HTFSE extraction is a more difficult to process than HCFSE and cannabis isolates. It is an arduous process that involves many phases. Cannabis resins undergo a process to extract its oleoresins, winterization (dewaxing it), crystallization and maturation.