Shatter is a classic type of cannabis concentrate that is named for its fragile form. This powerful amber-colored THC wax is reminiscent of stained glass or caramelized sugar. Shatter offers consumers a potentially intense and long-lasting experience by providing potent levels of cannabinoids and THC percentages ranging between 60-90%. It’s no wonder why dabbers have turned to shatter for over a decade as an affordable and consistent way to get lifted.

With each hit, smokers are able to maximize the potential benefits of the cannabis plant by inhaling concentrated levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Shatter can seem intimidating to new and inexperienced dabbers because it is not as malleable as other forms of concentrates. However, old-school stoners will tell you that learning how to handle and smoke this popular type of THC wax is a skill every aficionado should master.

How To Break Up Shatter

To some, shatter may seem harder to handle than other forms of THC wax. In reality, breaking apart this brittle concentrate is easier than it seems. When handling shatter, practice makes perfect. The more you work with this candy-like concentrate, the easier it is to find your personal technique and preferred viscosity. Shatter is available in two main forms: classic shatter that easily splinters like glass upon impact, and pull ‘n’ snap shatter that has an almost taffy-like consistency.

Shatter, as the name suggests, can often be broken (or shattered) into smaller pieces by hand, making it the perfect choice for dabs on the go when you don’t want to bring an extra tool. When you are handling shatter, it is important to provide enough pressure to break off a serving-size piece, without being forceful enough to send pieces flying across the room. To prevent pieces of this potent wax from escaping, simply wrap the shatter in parchment paper. From there, you can break it by hand or give it a tap with your dab tool (or a spoon) to split it into smaller servings.

As an alternative option, dabbers can utilize a heated tool to slice through-hardened shatter like butter. The goal is to lightly heat your dab tool so that it remains warm enough to grab a piece of shatter, but not hot enough to burn it. When using this method, it is best to avoid making direct contact with the flame and your tool: apply heat for a second and then let the dab tool cool (slightly) before working with your shatter. With this method, you should be able to break off a small piece of wax without worrying about it dropping before it reaches your rig.

Pro Tip: To set yourself up for success, store your shatter in the freezer. Keeping this kind of wax cold is the key to a smooth and hassle-free smoking experience. You can easily preserve the quality of your favorite strains by wrapping your shatter in parchment paper before placing it in an airtight container that is kept in a location that is dark and cold.

Dabbing Brittle THC Wax

Shatter has a notably different consistency than most other forms of THC wax. Concentrates like crumble and budder can be easily scooped from a glass jar, but shatter has the ability to become sticky and stretchy if it is handled/stored incorrectly. While it is possible to smoke shatter using most traditional methods of consumption, including infusing joints or topping cannabis flower, dabbing is by far the most common way to enjoy this potent wax. Dabbing concentrates allows cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream and quickly pass the blood-brain barrier to potentially provide almost instantaneous effects.

Dabbers of all levels might be able to get the most out of their experience with shatter by using one of our popular induction-heated devices. When dabbing, shatter should be vaporized using temperatures that range from 540-570°F. To make it easy, the entire Ispire line is designed to provide controlled temperatures that encourage the cleanest and tastiest dabs on the market. New dabbers, or those that have had difficulty handling concentrates of this viscosity in the past, are able to dab shatter with ease thanks to the full line of Ispire Dab Devices.

Ispire eliminates the need for a torch and/or difficult-to-use rigs by providing high-quality devices that are designed to work with a range of THC waxes of various viscosities. Our patented Ducore® technology offers dual heating cores that evenly heat cannabis oils to produce bold flavors – while also reducing the risk of clogs and leaks. If you’re cannacurious, or interested in learning more about dabbing, check out our full guide to cannabis concentrates.

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