It's been a big year for the California Cannabis Industry as the Emerald Cup exploded onto the scene for the first year in Los Angeles. This marked the 18th year for this celebrated contest and brought some of the most successful breeders, cultivators, extractors, and manufacturers to the historic Montalban Theater in Hollywood. 

Over 50 categories were judged for 2022, separating things like liquid and solid hydro-carbon extracts and types of topicals (therapeutic, cosmetic, and personal use). We here at Ispire congratulate the 150 brave souls who to judged this pack of heaters. There was some stiff competition, and while there were winners, there were no losers.

We also want to congratulate all of the winners and participants of this year's Emerald Cup. You can check out the complete list of winners here. Now fire up your wands and daabs because this post is going to look at 5 of these incredible extracts so you can judge them for yourselves. But hurry, they're sure to be disappearing off of shelves.


Amarelo #9 90u by Papa's Select

(3rd Place Ice Water Hash)

Str8 Lemonade x Banana Punch. Bred by Symbiotic Genetics and grown by Humboldt Kine Farms, who pride themselves on growing for terpene and resin production. Papa's Select has said the flower from this farm provides some of the highest quality trichomes they've ever processed. Sweet and spicy, this has an inspiring, comfortable high with energizing effects. Mixes limonene, caryophyllene, and humulene.


Rainbow Beltz Headstash Live Rosin by Have Hash

(Highest Terpene Solventless Extracts)

Working closely with Talking Trees, this Humboldt brand has spent the last seven years cultivating a reputation for outstanding extractions and creating different price tiers so everyone can afford to try their incredible rosins. The Headstash level represents the most exotic strains and highest quality offerings. Recently California Leaf magazine featured this 9.97 percent terpenstein, a Moonbow x Zittlez cross described by Jimi Divine as "sweet and complex," with an "extra slice of funk going on that feels like it traces back to the Face Off OG."


Modified Grapes Live Badder by Ursa

(3rd Place Hydro-carbon Solid)

This GMO Purple Punch cross is another Symbiotic Genetics creation and has a flavor that spans both sweet and spicy, with notes of grapes and garlic. Ursa has built a solid reputation for promoting education and as a brand that coaxes out amazing flavors. It's no surprise they placed in the top three for this category. The Modified Grapes used for this was grown by Elytra Farms, a family-run, organic operation started by three friends with a passion for growing.


RS-11 Live Resin by FIELD x Wizard Trees x Doja

(2nd Place Hydro-carbon Liquid)

A special release that brings together three big names in the game. RS-11 is (OZK x Pink Guava) x Sunset Sherbert. RS-11 dropped back in February along with their Studio 54 rosin and quickly became a hit with dabbers and fans of Wizard Trees and Doja. You get a taste of gas at first that turns to a tropical citrus flavor with hints of guava that gets your head swimming. This might be a little hard to track down, but it's well worth the hunt.


White Runtz by Cosmic x Peak Organics x Feeling Frosty

(1st Place Hydrocarbon Liquid)

This incredibly successful three-way collab took home first AND third in this year's liquid solvent category. Third for their Orange Daquiri and top marks for this saucy White Runtz. The flower for this release came from Peak Organics, a legacy cultivator in Mendocino that regularly partners with Cosmic. The expression on this Gelato x Zkittlez is sweet citrus and peach with a long-lasting, relaxing effect.