Pride month is here and Ispire takes this month very seriously and are proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community.  Ispire has always made acceptance be part of their brand and they continue to spread the love.  This year makes no difference as Ispire took part in multiple events that celebrated inclusion and brought awareness to the community.  The Pride is real over at Ispire and they made it even more special by releasing a Northern Lights themed Daab. 

The Daab is Ispires latest introduction into the cannabis market and it has been making big waves.  The digital bong has reached its pinnacle with this newest device and everyone’s talking about it.  Get the hit, the taste, and the feel of a REAL dab.  The Daab has made its way into every circle and has now been released in a brand new theme.  The Northern Lights themed Daab launched and has been an immediate favorite.  The new color is perfect for Pride Month which has everyone cheering.

Ispire also made their way to various Pride events and made an even bigger splash at PuffDao.  PuffDao is a community built by smokers for smokers.  PuffDao was a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and there were so many wonderful people.  The event was filled with top brands from the space that included Kush Queen, Ghost, Substance, Hush, Wonderbrett and more.  It was held from 1pm-6pm in the Hollywood Hills and had amazing energy.  There was good food, musical performances, Dj’s and the best smoke.  Everyone was vibing, having a great time, and it was a great way to celebrate and bring everyone together.  

The new limited edition Ispire Daab made its way around to all of the events and everyone is wanting one! The people have spoken and the Daab is here to stay.  Everyone is loving the new rainbow themed Daab and now are talking about what color is to come next!  What color would you like to see?

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