Microdosing is a common procedure to address the effects of a substance in our bodies. In addition, microdosing cannabis is not a new concept and it has been used in the cannabis community for many years.

Microdosing cannabis is been researched for its potential health benefits. As a matter of fact, many cannabis users are more interested in low doses of THC, to experience just a mild “high”. Microdosing and the concept of hormesis is used in homeopathic medicine, but in this case, it does not have any relationship with homeopathy.

Research on ultra-low cannabis doses are still ongoing. Furthermore, several studies on mice have shown neuroprotective properties.

How Does Microdosing Cannabis Work?

Cannabis users are interested in Microdosing to reap the medical benefits of cannabis while avoiding getting “high”. In addition, many medical authorities believe the health benefits of cannabis are much lower than what we thought. In other words, cannabis users would not need to inhale or eat large amounts of cannabis to get its medical effects.

High doses do not mean better or more effective effects. Sometimes, what you need is Microdosing cannabis. For instance, you probably know that high doses of THC might cause anxiety while Microdosing would just diminish it. We can apply the same concept to any other substance.

Many patients are starting Microdosing cannabis to treat anxiety, depression, and pain. Microdosing is especially useful if you use cannabis strains with THC content. This is because some people might experience adverse effects if they vape, smoke, or ingest higher doses of THC-rich strains. Adverse effects could lead to more anxiety, psychosis, or paranoia.

A study gave Nabiximols (a cannabis mouth spray medicine) to cancer patients who did not respond well to opioid therapy. In this study, patients who were given lower doses of Nabiximols had a better pain reduction than those who took higher doses of it.

What is the Best Dose for Microdosing?

It is difficult to determine the best dose for Microdosing cannabis as it depends on the person. Each person has a different liver metabolism, cannabis tolerance and cannabis receptors.

Some sources recommend starting with 2mg THC (cannabis) and eventually increase that quantity to 5 mg per dose to get stronger effects. However, as previously mentioned, this depends a lot on your metabolism.

Heavy cannabis users must refrain from using cannabis for a couple of days to return to normal receptor levels (resetting the endocannabinoid system). After a couple of days, they will be able to start microdosing cannabis.

After starting with low doses, you can gradually increase the dose (somewhere in between 1 to 3 mg). Remember that your goal is not to get stoned, but to use cannabis for its medical properties.

Microdosing is important in the development of cannabis sensitivity. A highly sensitive endocannabinoid system is important to get better results to treat pain, anxiety, and stress.

For cannabis vaping, you can start by taking one puff and wait some time (approx. 5 min) to take a second puff. It is easier to control doses if you vape cannabis than with edibles. In addition, it is a healthier alternative than smoking cannabis.

Furthermore, microdosing cannabis is ideal for beginners as microdosing will not cause side effects. Higher doses of cannabis might cause side effects such as an increase of anxiety.

Microdosing cannabis refers mainly to THC because of its psychoactive properties. However, microdosing could be also applied to CBD, especially if we consider how expensive it is. In short, we need to gradually change our perception of cannabis, not as a substance to get stoned, but as a supplement that can help us improve our physical and mental health.

Microdosing Cannabis: Conclusion

Microdosing cannabis is suitable for consumers who want to consume cannabis for health purposes. In addition, some studies have proved that low doses are more effective to treat pain than higher doses. Furthermore, it is also recommended for people who are starting the cannabis journey. For instance, with low doses you will not experience side effects such as anxiety or psychosis.

You can gradually increase the dose to get stronger effects. Usually, it is recommended to increase the dose by 1 to 3 mg.

Microdosing cannabis is also suitable for heavy cannabis users, but they will need to refrain from using cannabis for a couple of days to “reset” their endocannabinoid system.