The Wand is the future of dabbing with its on-demand induction heating technology. Cannabis connoisseurs can enjoy the most artisanal concentrates at the most precise temperatures possible with our cutting-edge e-torch. In California, where cannabis-lovers thrive, there are countless options for exotic strains to try dabbing. Whether you’re smoking live resin, live rosin, cured resin, BHO, hash, or anything else, you can find the perfect temperature with The Wand.

When you’re thinking of top contenders for premium, exotic strains worth dabbing, there are a few names that bubble to the top. STIIIZY, 710 Labs, and Raw Garden are three brands that stand out in California for quality, potency, and tremendous flavor. They all create a variety of premium concentrates using exotic and flavorful stains.

You might be asking yourself—what makes a strain exotic? When it comes to concentrates, there are a few added factors. We’ll go over how to identify exotic cannabis concentrates as well as three exotic strains in California you need to try dabbing with The Wand.

What Makes A Strain Exotic?

Exotic cannabis strains are hard to find and usually take on a dessert-like quality in their name, aroma, and flavor. This term typically goes to top-shelf strains that are rare for a specific region, and have noticeably potent effects. Some current examples include Gelato, Biscotti, Runtz, Rainbow Beltz, Zkittlez, and Kush Mints. Exotic strains have diverse terpene profiles and produce highs that might be longer-lasting and more powerful.

Live Resin vs. Live Rosin

When it comes to honoring the essence and identity of the exotic strains they come from, live resin and live rosin arguably do it the best. Both utilize flower that is frozen immediately upon harvest to preserve the highest level of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. This is what earns them the title of “live.” The key difference between the two is the method of extraction.

Live resin uses a solvent such as butane, which removes all plant material before the final result. Live rosin only uses heat and pressure to turn bubble hash (aka Ice Water Hash) into the final result. Both are regarded as the best methods of extraction for retaining the highest levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. Many daily dabbers would argue that exotic strains are best enjoyed in either live resin or live rosin form.

Cereal Milk Live Rosin Jam by STIIIZY

Whether it’s their live rosin or live resin, STIIIZY captures big flavors in their extractions. Cereal Milk is a popular exotic strain from Cookies that STIIIZY took to the next level with their extraction. This balanced hybrid has decadent notes of sugar, mint, cookies, and earth. One hit might send you into a creative euphoria that is delightfully uplifting. We recommend a low to mid-range temperature on The Wand for any live rosin. Keeping The Wand between 400-520°F is going to preserve the most terpenes while still properly vaporizing the rosin. There will be some residue from the fats and lipids still present within the rosin, but that’s easy to clean with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.

Strawberry Rosé Live Resin by Raw Garden

Raw Garden is known for its Refined Live Resin vapes and concentrates. Many of their flavorful strains come from their own in-house genetics. The Strawberry Rosé strain comes straight from Raw Garden and crosses Rosé with Strawberry Fields and Skystomber. This high-terpene hybrid tastes like tart, sweet, and spicy berries and might seriously lift your spirits before calming you down. The normal temperature range for a live resin concentrate on The Wand is between 540-570°F. This will vaporize all of the live resin and keep plenty of the terpenes intact. If you’re really trying to taste the terps, we recommend going down into the 400-500°F temperature range.

Bootylicious #1 Persy Live Rosin by 710 Labs

710 Labs is responsible for some of the most popular and premium cannabis concentrates in California. If you’re a true connoisseur looking for the best-of-the-best to dab—look no further. Their live rosin extractions are second to none. Their Bootylicious #1 strain comes from Exotic Genetix crossing Constantine with Cookies & Cream. On the nose, this live rosin smells like cupcakes, gas, and peppery spice. A few puffs will reveal more of a citrusy diesel flavor and potentially calm your body and increase your hunger. We recommend keeping The Wand around the same 400-520 temperature range to get the maximum flavor and a high that might last.

California is the home to so many cutting-edge cannabis brands that it can be hard to decipher your favorites. If you’re looking for exotic strains to try dabbing with your Ispire Wand, you can’t go wrong with STIIIZY, Raw Garden, or 710 Labs. Live resin or live rosin concentrates from these brands are sure to be extremely flavorful and potentially highly potent.

With any super-premium concentrate you’re dabbing, we recommend always starting with lower temperatures and going up from there. That way, you can find the perfect temperature without scorching your oil in the process. The Wand is the only cordless e-torch on the market currently that can give you the precise temperatures you need every time to get the best experience from your top-shelf concentrates.