Are you a cannabis newbie? I remember the first time I tried a powerful cannabis strain. The high was so intense that I even thought I was about to overdose! Obviously, I didn’t know that much about cannabis, as it is technically impossible to overdose on cannabis!

I wasn’t prepared for such an intense high and that cannabis strain wasn’t probably the best for a beginner like me. Many people refrain from cannabis because of a negative experience like the one I had the first time I tried it. Choosing the right strain can make a huge difference between loving or hating marijuana.

For beginners and people with low THC-tolerance, we recommend you start with CBD dominant cannabis strains or balanced CBD/THC strains.

10. Cannatonic

This a balanced cannabis strain with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio. We have already mentioned this cannabis strain in a previous list about CBD-rich cannabis strains. Cannatonic is a cannabis strain developed in Spain and it’s a cross of Reina Madre and NYC Diesel. This cannabis strain is perfect for beginners as its CBD content may reduce paranoia and psychosis caused by THC. CBD has potential anti-psychosis and anti-anxiety properties and that’s why balanced CBD:THC strains like Cannatonic are an excellent choice for beginners.

9. Harlequin

Another cannabis strain rich in CBD. We have already written about this wonderful cannabis strain. Harlequin is a mostly Sativa strain with a 5:2 CBD:THC ratio. This strain is even higher in CBD than Cannatonic but still with a “decent” level of THC. Due to its high CBD-content, Harlequin is also a strain we highly recommend for beginners. It is very unlikely that you will experience psychosis or anxiety with this cannabis strain.

8. Orange Bud

It has a moderate high THC content (approximately 16%). Orange Bud was first bred in the 1980s. This strain is quite high in THC, however, most of cannabis users claim it makes them feel euphoric. Furthermore, it is excellent to fight depression. It has scents of orange and other citrusy flavors as it is rich in terpenes such as limonene.

7. Grandaddy Purple

This is an Indica strain and a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Grandaddy Purple is high in THC (18%). Nonetheless, most of cannabis users who have tried Granddady Purple report relaxing and sleepy effects.

Grandaddy could be useful to increase appetite, pain, and stress. In addition, Grandaddy Purple is an efficient anti-emetic cannabis strain. Grandaddy Purple is rich in terpenes such as Linalool, humulene, and myrcene.

6. Pennywise

If we include Harlequin, then we have to include Pennywise as well. This cannabis strain is an Indica-rich strain with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio (9% THC and 9% CBD). Pennywise is a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper.

5. Sour Tsunami

This cannabis strain is not very suitable for cannabis users who want to get high. Its THC levels are low (1%) with 12.5% in CBD. It is an excellent cannabis strain for cannabis users who want a CBD-rich strain. This strain is recommended for cannabis users looking for an effective pain-relief cannabis strain.

4. Sweet and Sour Widow

Another 1:1 CBD:THC cannabis strain. Its psychoactive effects are mild, and therefore, recommended for cannabis newbies. Its psychoactive effects are mild, and it is a cross between White Widow and an unnamed sativa-hybrid strain.

3. Dancehall

This cannabis strain is very rich in CBD (15%) with low THC levels (1%). It is a cross between Juanita la Lagrimosa and Kalijah. Dancehall is an excellent cannabis strain to treat pain and inflammation. This strain is highly medicinal but not a good choice if you want to get high or mildly high.

2. Blueberry

Despite being quite high in THC (17%), Blueberry is an excellent strain for beginners thanks to its calming effects. Blueberry is an effective strain to treat insomnia, pain, and inflammation.

1. Cinex

This cannabis strain is also known as Cenex. Cinex (or Cenex) is quite high in THC (16%). It is a cross between Cinderella 99 and Vortex. Cinex is excellent strain to treat depression and pain. You will feel energetic and euphoric after vaping Cinex.