Terpenes are therapeutic and they also give cannabis a distinctive flavor profile. They are hydrocarbons that have been mainly used in aromatherapy. In addition, recent studies have proved that terpenes can help to induce calmness, relaxation and even reduce inflammation.

Moreover, terpenes provide an enhanced experience, and they act synergistically with cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. There are many terpenes that have been identified in cannabis. For example, cannabis is rich in cannabinoids such as linalool, myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene or pinene just to name a few.

Some cannabis strains have a very distinctive terpene profile:

1. Strawberry Cough

This strain is known for its sweet strawberry aroma. Strawberry Cough is a Sativa dominant strain with high THC levels (sometimes reaching up to 26%). This cannabis strain is rich in limonene and caryophyllene.

2. Sugar Black Rose

This is a Indica dominant strain. Sugar Black Rose is a cross of Black Domina and Critical Mass. It is a rich-THC strain (18% of THC). Its main terpenes are humulene, alpha-pinene and caryophyllene.

3. Game Changer

Game Changer is a hybrid strain, 60% Indica and 50% Sativa. This strain has a moderate high THC level (17%). Game Changer is known for its floral aroma with scents of tropical fruits. Its main terpenes are limonene and pinene.

4. Lemon Shining Silver Haze

This is a very THC-rich cannabis strain (up to 25% THC) with a complex flavor profile. As you can deduce from its name, Lemon Shining Silver Haze is rich in limonene. It also has sweet and slightly spicy taste.

5. Somango XL

Another Indica dominant strain with approximately 18% of THC. This strain has a tropical and fruity flavor and smell. It is a cross between Critical 47 and Somango.

6. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is also an Indica dominant strain with a characteristic peppery and earthly flavor. Its main terpenes are limonene, caryophyllene and alpha-humulene. This strain has aromas similar to strawberries and cherries.

7. Bruce Banner

Another THC-rich strain, Bruce Banner is a Sativa-dominant strain high in caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene. This cannabis strain is highly psychoactive with strong flavor and aroma.

8. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is another Sativa-dominant strain with a flavor and aroma with a reminiscence of blueberries. This strain is rich in caryophyllene, myrcene, pinene and also linalool and limonene. Blue Dream is a high THC strain (18%) ideal to treat pain and depression. It’s also an effective antiemetic.

9. Tangie

A Sativa cannabis strain and a cross between California Orange and Skunk-1. Tangie has a powerful citrus aroma and its main terpenes are myrcene (commonly found in hops, mangoes, and lemongrass) and pinene. Tangie has sweet citrus aroma and it will give you an euphoric, uplifted and happy effect.

10. XJ-13

Another Sativa dominant strain with a strong citrus aroma similar to limes and lemons. XJ-13 is relatively high in THC (approximately 17%) and its main terpenes are terpinolene (found in nutmegs, cumin, lilacs), caryophyllene and pinene. This strain is a hybrid of two famous cannabis strains, Jack Herer and G13 Haze.