When we think about cannabis, first thing that comes to our mind is THC, getting high and psychoactive effects. Second thing that most people think is CBD and its medical properties. Nonetheless, cannabis is much more than just THC and CBD, and there are many other interesting cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBC is another cannabinoid that is quite unknown to most of cannabis users. Over the years, we have developed THC-rich strains of cannabis because people wanted to get high with it. In addition, the demand for CBD has led many cannabis growers to develop strains rich in this cannabinoid. However, there are also strains rich in CBC and other cannabinoids. CBC is another cannabinoid with very interesting medical properties.

What is CBC?

CBC or cannabichromene is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBC has been discovered over 50 years ago and it has anti-inflammatory properties like CBD. It has been researched for the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and neuropathies. Like other cannabinoids, CBC has pain relief properties, and some sources claim that it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

THC, CBD and CBC derives from CBG (Cannabigerol). Furthermore, CBC is under medical research to identify its potential pharmacological properties.

CBC has many potential medical properties. For instance, some sources claim it is effective as a treatment for acne and depression. Nonetheless, most of studies are still in a preliminary stage.

CBC Cannabis Strains

We don’t know that much about CBC-rich strains. This is because most people look for either THC or CBD rich strains. However, there are some cannabis strains rich in CBC as well.

3 Kings

This cannabis strain is rich in THC, but it also has very acceptable levels of CBC. This cannabis strain is Sativa dominant and a crossbreed of Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Charlotte’s Web

This is a cannabis strain famous because it contains very low levels of THC (less than 0.3%). In addition to CBD, Charlotte’s Web contains quite high levels of CBC. Its CBC and CBD content makes this strain ideal for the treatment of inflammation and epileptic seizures. As matter of fact, this cannabis strain is named after Charlotte Figi, a girl who suffered from epileptic seizures.

However, Charlotte’s Web is still known for its high percentage of CBD. In addition, it’s also important to emphasize that THC and CBD are found in higher concentrations than other cannabinoids.

Maui Dream

This is a Cannabis Sativa strain with very high concentrations of CBC, CBN, and CBD. It’s idea in the treatment of anxiety.

Valentine X

Another CBD rich strain with 13.5% of CBD. In addition to it CBD content, Valentine X is also quite rich in CBC. However, there are not cannabis strains specifically bred to be high on CBC.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is 60% cannabis Sativa and 40% cannabis Indica with almost the same concentration of THC and CBD (11% THC and 10% CBD). Moreover, Sour Tsunami has very decent level of CBC.

Purple Candy

It’s an Indica dominant strain with high THC concentrations (15.5%). It is also a cannabis strain with high levels of CBC.

Birthday Cake

This strain contains very high THC concentrations (19.5%) and it has also remarkable concentrations of CBC.

Bubba Cookies

A hybrid cannabis strain with a high THC concentration (20%). Bubba cookies is also known for its CBC content.

Cadillac Purple

An Indica dominant strain, the THC levels of Cadillac Purple average between 18%-22%. This cannabis strain is also known for its acceptable levels of CBC.

Jorge’s Diamond

This strain is high in THC (16-18%) and also CBD. Moreover, Jorge’s Diamond is known as cannabis strain with high levels of CBC.

Conclusion: CBC Cannabis Strain

There are no cannabis strains specifically bred to be high in CBC. Therefore, it is difficult to find cannabis with high CBC content. However, there is an option to allow the cannabis plant to degrade its THC into cannabinol (CBN). CBN and CBD have very similar medical properties.