Dab rigs are gaining popularity daily as cannabis consumers continue embracing “dab culture” by finding cleaner and more flavorful ways to smoke their favorite oils. Like your typical smoking pipe or bong, a dab rig is usually smaller in circumference and is used to smoke concentrates and wax, also referred to as dabbing. You’ll often see these rigs designed to incorporate water filtration inside the pipe. Most commonly, dab rigs are made out of glass (of varying quality.)

A dab rig works by incorporating a two-step process in its most basic form. First, it traditionally includes using a torch to heat the nail/banger (surface area) before “dabbing” your concentrated extracts onto the nail surface. Once the concentrates are on the nail/banger, it’s time for you to inhale the vapor through the dab rig’s mouthpiece. Each dab rig is unique, and the outcome produced varies with each style and the temperature you hit it at. We’re going to dive into different types of dab rigs and tell you how to go torchless with our innovative induction heating device, The Wand.

Types of Dab Rigs

Each dab rig is unparalleled in its way and can vary depending on the style of the dab rig you’re looking for. Like other smoking devices, there are options for everyone—low end, simple dab rigs, mid-level devices, and high-end dab rigs, complete with an assortment of extra features.

If you’re ready to invest in a dab rig of your own, it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the variety of types and options available. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and everyone begins somewhere. Let Ispire be your guide.

Glass Dab Rigs

You may have seen glass dab rigs before since they are traditionally the most common among devices. These glass dab rigs come in many shapes and sizes and can vary between 6″- to over 10″ tall. The majority of the glass rigs you’ll come across are made with Borosilicate glass, a durable material that can withhold extremely high temperatures of heat. Many consumers prefer glass dab rigs because they offer the best flavor for the value. They are also easy to accessories with any dab tools or additions. One of the only downsides to glass dab rigs is cleaning them. If you smoke often (like we do,) you’ll need to clean these devices often.

Mini Rigs

Now that we’re all caught up on what a glass dab rig is think glass rig, but a smaller, mini version. Most of the mini dab rigs you’ll come across are made with Borosilicate glass to ensure the sturdiness of their structure since they are smaller and can be more fragile. But don’t be fooled by their size. These mini rigs pack a hit and often have more intricate details than larger versions. Again, like the larger dab rigs, these mini rigs can sometimes be hard to clean. It’s best to attack after every use. You can also come across mini silicon rigs. They tend to be more accessible when it comes to cleaning.

Silicone Rigs

Silicone dab rigs are by far the most durable of the devices. They are nearly indestructible, and they’ll last practically forever due to their material. When shopping, you’ll find silicone rigs in many fun color options, and did we mention they’re easy to clean? These devices are extremely easy to carry along with you since they are light and nearly impossible to break. The only downside to silicone dab rigs is that you tend to lose some of the flavors from the concentrate or wax with this method, and there are far fewer accessories for silicon dab rigs.

Recycler Dab Rigs

Recycler dab rigs are preferred for many dab connoisseurs because they’re the smoothest way to smoke. This type of dab rig gets its name from its unique design. The device’s construction allows you to recycle the smoke through the percolator and tubes multiple times before it reaches you. Because of these percolators and intricate glasswork, recycler dab rigs tend to be more expensive than average and can be harder to clean all the circuitous canals. In addition, you tend to lose quite a bit of the flavor from your concentrates since the vapor is being recycled repetitively while still offering a clean inhale.

E-Rigs (Electronic Dab Rig)

E-rigs are designed to be the most portable and easy-to-use out of all rigs. This design style is known for its superior ability to heat up and control how hot the nail gets. Some E-rigs can get the temperature to even the exact degree. For instance, daab, Ispire’s prized e-rig, uses a method called induction heating to provide you with a perfect hit, every time, anywhere, at any temperature. Whether using the rig for its “cold start” dabs or high-temp clouds, induction heating ensures the cleanest, even heating for the purest hits, with custom temps ranging from 250° to 800°F. In addition, daab’s sleek design and exterior make the rig discreet and portable, with easy-to-take apart pieces useful when cleaning.

Induction Heating: The Wand

If you were a fan of induction heating from above but love using your own rig, you’re still in luck, and there is an option for you. Ispire offers an incredible dabbing tool called The Wand. This sleek portable dab kit includes the first-ever e-torch to use induction heating. It gives you the power to select your desired temperature for the perfect dabbing experience every time. The Wand, combined with borosilicate glass bangers, creates a safe and easy dabbing experience by eliminating a torch next time you want to dab. Say hello to the future of dabbing.


There are countless types of dab rigs out on the market, and if you’re going with glass, make sure to check the quality. The only problem with your traditional dab rig is that it’s difficult to keep all of the accouterment together to get the job done. It’s worth considering going torchless with an E-Rig like Ispire’s daab or turning your current rig into one that’s adaptable with The Wand. Ispire’s The Wand fits on any rig or bong that holds a 14mm male banger. By streamlining the dabbing experience with Ispire’s latest torchless technologies, you might find yourself quickly converted.