Cannabis concentrates are very popular due to their potency and rich flavor. The best way to consume cannabis concentrates is by dabbing. There are many dabbing methods, but one method is getting increasingly popular. This method is called “cold start dabbing” and it preserves better the terpene profile of your cannabis concentrate.

How to Cold Start Dab?

Basically, cold start dabbing consist of dabbing low-temperature dabs. This is easily achieved by loading cannabis concentrates on a cold carb cap or nail. When you reduce the temperature of your carb cap or nail, then you can better preserve the terpenes and scent of your cannabis concentrates.

The process is simple, you need a quartz banger and a carb cap. First step, you have to put the cannabis concentrate into the cold banger. After you place the cannabis concentrate into the cap, place the carb cap onto the banger and then proceed to heat the banger for 10-15 seconds. Bangers are a better option for cold start dabbing as they allow for a better heat distribution than nails.

Once you have heated the underside of your banger, proceed to reduce the power of your torch or e-nail.

Advantages of Cold Start Dabbing

The most important benefit of cold start dabbing is a flavorful dab at a low temperature. In addition, you won’t need to wait for the nail to be heated and then wait for it to cool down to load it again. In addition, cold start dabbing is better for your dabbing hardware because it reduces breakages and residual buildup.

Disadvantages of Cold Dabbing

It is possible that you waste some concentrates as some material can be left in the banger. You will need to clean the nail or banger to removed residues.

Traditional Dabbing vs Cold Start Dabbing

It is not recommended that you surpass 710ºF when you dab. It is very common that you surpass this temperature when you dab with traditional dabbing methods. Sometimes, even reaching temperatures higher than 1000ºF. That’s why many dabbers choose new methods such as cold start dabbing or the use of more advanced dabbing devices such as e-nails or electronic heating devices.

Cold start dabbing is only suitable for one dab per session, which means that the time you save at the beginning of the dabbing process is lost when you have to let the banger cool down.

Borosilicate is the best material for cold dabbing. In conclusion, cold dabbing is the best option if you want a flavorful dabbing experience.

Low-temperature dabbing is just like traditional dabbing with a rig, but for cold start dabbing, you need temperatures between 350-500 degrees. It can be difficult to get the temperature of your nail or banger right unless you use an e-nail or other types of advanced dabbing devices that allow temperature control.

Dabbing has become a popular way for people to use cannabis both therapeutically and recreationally. Many cannabis users like the intensity of the potent high offered by cannabis concentrates. We suggest you try cold dabbing for a flavorful dabbing experience.