Dry sift is another type of cannabis concentrate considered the least expensive of all. It is made from the accumulation of trichomes. Dry sift is created by sifting cannabis through sift screens that vary in size. This method is the simplest one to obtain a cannabis concentrate. Traditionally, there were two different method to extract the trichomes: the Asian and the Mediterranean methods.

Traditional Extraction Methods: Asian vs Mediterranean

Hashish is obtained from cannabis trichomes. The trichomes are separated from the plant (the buds), collected, and then compressed.

Hash comes in different qualities and there are many methods to separate the trichomes from the buds.

Traditionally, there are two methods to obtain hash: an Asian method used in countries or regions such as Nepal, Tibet and Afghanistan and another method used in Lebanon or Morocco.

The Oriental Method

In the oriental procedure the collector covers part of the body with leather and they pass through the mature plants, rubbing with them. What remains attached to the leather is scraped with spatulas. The hashish obtained by this procedure is very aromatic, gentle to the throat and of unmatched potency.

The Mediterranean Method

The other method, commonly used in Mediterranean countries, is obtained by shaking the dried cannabis plants and subsequently collect the resin and dust by using several filters.

The first filter usually consists of a fine metal grid that allows big plant fragments to pass through it. Underneath, there is another filter made of coarse fabric that sieves it again. If the procedure is well done, under that filter there will be another one, made of silk, through which only the pure resin particles can pass.

In Morocco, it was common, and it is still common to add other plant materials to increase weight. This plant is commonly known as henna and it is often mixed with other products such as gum arabic also known as acacia gum, condensed milk, and even egg yolks.

How to Use Dry Sift?

Dry sift could be used in many ways. For example, you can sprinkle it into joints, or you can also use it with bong bowl or vaporizers. In addition to these methods, dry sift could be used in edibles.

Dry sift could be preserved in different ways. For example, some cannabis users prefer to store it in its powder form. However, perhaps the most common preservation form is into blocks or smaller portions known as “coils”. The surface of these blocks will have a brownish color caused exposure to oxygen (oxidation). However, the inner part remains as fresh hash.

The best way to obtain hash blocks or coils is by pressing the hash by using a pollen press. This machine is very simple to use, you just need to load the press with trichomes (hash) in its powder form and then tightly screw the press. After this process is done, it is better to place your hash in an air-tight container and then into a fridge for a better preservation.

Dry Sift: Conclusion

You can get dry sift in two different forms: powder and block or coils forms. The latter one requires an extra process that consist of using a pollen press. A pollen press is a box where you will place the dry sift in its powder form and then you will screw down the press. In other words, load the press with hash in its powder form and tightly screw down the head.