Perpetual harvest means a constant supply of cannabis buds. It is a growing method that will ensure you a harvest every 8 to 12 weeks. This method is only possible if you grow cannabis indoors.

Perpetual harvest is a crop rotation method of growing cannabis. For this process, you will need separate spaces for each stage of the growing process. There are three stages: seedlings, vegetative and flowering. Perpetual harvest is a continuous rotation process.

This process is suitable for cannabis users that need a constant supply of cannabis buds. In addition, you will need to control the light. This is because too much light or too little light will affect the plant’s ability to grow.

Perpetual Harvest and Why You Should Use this Method

As mentioned above, this method will ensure you a harvest every 8 to 12 weeks. This means about six harvest per year.

In addition, if something goes wrong in the growing process, such as pH problems, rotting of roots or buds, etc., then you will have a quick replacement.

Separate the Plants

This process requires the separation of the cannabis plants in three different groups. This is because the plant needs different amounts of light on each stage. For example, cannabis in the vegetative state needs less light than plants in the flowering stage.

Vegetative Stage

In this stage plants don’t need as much space and light as in the flowering stage. It is fundamental to control light and therefore you need to ensure that each space is light-tight so the light from one chamber doesn’t affect the other spaces. For instance, in the flowering process, there are stages where you need less light. If your plants get too much light, then they might revert to a vegetative state.

Flowering Stage

In this stage it’s fundamental you control the light. As mentioned above, too much light can revert your plants to a vegetative stage and affect the growth of cannabis buds.

Moreover, it’s important to control humidity and heat. This is because coldness and hot environments can affect the buds. Cold environments are not suitable for cannabis growth, the same if the weather is too hot. In addition, humidity and lack of ventilation can produce mold.

Remember, that the flowering stage need more space than the vegetative phase. This is because plants grow much larger during the flowering stage.

Perpetual harvest requires light, ventilation and heat control. Moreover, you will need to invest more money on ventilation and lighting.

Additionally, you need to consider that not all cannabis strains grow at the same pace. Some cannabis strains grow faster than others and the flowering process differs from one strain to another.

The best cannabis strains for perpetual harvest are cannabis strains with a shorter flowering time. This will allow you to harvest buds easily.

Perpetual Harvest: Pros and Cons

Perpetual harvest has advantages and disadvantages. This harvesting process isn’t for everyone as it requires constant work, time and planning.

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of perpetual harvest.

Pros of Perpetual Harvest

The most important advantage of perpetual harvest is that you will have cannabis throughout the year. Moreover, if there is a problem in the harvesting process, it is easier to mitigate the consequences as it is easier to reset the whole growing process. Furthermore, it will give you more control of plants and its growing phases.

However, there are also some cons that you need to consider before deciding if perpetual harvest is an option for you.

Cons of Perpetual Harvest that You Need to Consider

Perpetual harvest requires constant attention. You need to constantly control all stages, light, light-tight chambers, ventilation etc. This is a time-consuming process and therefore it is not suitable for everybody.

In addition, and as previously mentioned, not all cannabis strains are suitable for perpetual harvest. It is recommended to choose cannabis strains that flower faster. Some cannabis strains take longer time to reach the flowering stage and these cannabis strains are not suitable for perpetual harvest. In short, you better choose cannabis strains that flower faster as this will ensure that you keep a fast growing and rotation process.

Perpetual Harvest: Conclusion

There are a few things you need to consider before you decide if perpetual harvest is an option for you. Firstly, you need to consider the costs of this growing process. Indoor growing means more costs in lighting, ventilation, soil, nutrients, etc.

Secondly, timing is also important as plants develop at different rates. For example, you need to consider plant genetics, temperature, humidity, light, airflow, nutrients. In addition, many of these factors can influence root health.

Perpetual harvest is an excellent option if you want continuous and constant supply of cannabis buds. Remember to keep all chambers light-proof as light pollution can affect the plant’s ability to grow.