Shatter is a brittle cannabis extract that has a glasslike appearance. Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate often considered one of the purest types of extract. This type of cannabis extract is translucent with a color that ranges from honey to dark yellow.

Shatters have different consistencies and textures. For instance, some cannabis shatters are very brittle while other shatters are more malleable. In general, shatters with higher levels of THC are more malleable whereas shatters with higher THCA are more brittle.

How is THC Shatter Made?

THC shatter or CBD shatter requires a solvent such as C02 (supercritical CO2), butane or other solvents such as propane. We have already explained how solvents work, basically they separate the essential oils and cannabinoids from the plant material. When the extraction process is done, the result is a cannabis concentrate that has much higher levels of cannabinoids than cannabis buds. These cannabis concentrates vary in texture and consistency. For example, you can find cannabis concentrates in the form of wax, oil, or glasslike form such as THC or CBD shatters. Shatters are resins cooled into a glasslike substance. The process is similar as caramel hardening into candy.

These cannabis concentrates are commonly referred as “dabs” and the most common and popular way of consumption is known as “dabbing”.

Butane hash oil (BHO) or PHO (propane hash oil) producers apply a purification processes to these concentrates to strip out wax, fats, plant material and solvents. This process makes the final product very high in cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.

THC shatter can be smoked, but most of cannabis users prefer other methods that don’t damage terpenes. Dabbing is the most common method to consume shatters. For dabs you need devices known as dab pens, dab rigs or e-nails.

How to Use THC Shatter

The best way to consume shatters involves the use of dab rigs, traditional nails, and e-nails. You can just use a nail (could be a spoon or other conductive materials) and a low torch. However, this method could be dangerous as it involves the use of torches that can cause fire or injuries. New dabbing methods such as e-nails (electronic nails) are much safer than traditional torches.

Traditional oil rigs require the use of torches, whereas e-nails and other devices work with induction technologies that are much safer. In addition, with electronic rigs or smart rigs will allow you to customize your dabbing experience (temperature control).

Dabbing offers a clean a healthy alternative to cannabis smoking with more powerful effects than smoking cannabis buds.

When you dab, you need to preheat the banger cups before you add the THC shatter. In traditional oil rigs, this process involves the use of a butane torch. On the other hand, electronic nails or dab rigs employ batteries that will effectively preheat the banger cup to the perfect dabbing temperature.

Keep in mind that THC shatter have much higher levels of THC, which means that you will experience more powerful high with more side effects such as anxiety or paranoia. Therefore, if you are not an experience dabber, start with small doses and then you can gradually increase the dose when you have more THC tolerance.