Compact and Discreet Disposable Bar

LVL 280

Simple is beautiful. For customers who want a straightforward vaping experience, the LVL 280 disposable vaping unit is the gold standard. The slim, rectangular aluminum-alloy body protects the .5ml tank, and comes in seven bold colors for a hint of minimalist flair. Auto-draw activation makes this the easiest unit your customers will ever try.
Model No8427b8492849584978498
Tank Capacity:0.5ml1.0ml0.5ml2.0ml1.0ml
Oil Window/Chamber:NoneVisibleVisibleVisibleNone
Battery Capacity:280 mAh280 mAh280 mAh320 mAh280 mAh
Activation Mode:Auto DrawAuto DrawAuto DrawAuto DrawAuto Draw
Voltage:Bybass (Limit:3.7V)Bybass (Limit:3.7V)Bybass (Limit:3.7V)Bybass (Limit:3.7V)Bybass (Limit:3.7V)
Atomizer Material:Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Coil Material/Style:Ceramic/Dual CoilCeramic/Dual CoilCeramic/Dual CoilCeramic/Dual CoilCeramic/Dual Coil
Resistance:1.6 Ω1.6 Ω1.6 Ω1.6 Ω1.6 Ω
Body Material:Aluminium AlloyAluminium AlloyAluminium AlloyAluminium AlloyAluminium Alloy
Charging Port:Micro USBMicro USBMicro USBMicro USBMicro USB
Dimensions (mm):85.0*16.0*8.594.0*16.0*8.585.0*16.0*8.595.0*17.0*9.094.0*16.0*8.5

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Patented DuCore

Dual Ceramic Coils

Ducore® lets you experience the complete flavor spectrum. Designed to deliver better hits, superior flavor, and power.

We’ve tested the coil hundreds of times with different testers, and as the testers of the dual coils, they all agree, that the Ducore® delivers the goods. Along with a unique airflow system, Ispire has integrated into Ducore® a patented anti-leak, anti-clog feature to ensure hassle-free performance. We know your oil costs a pretty penny so we worked endlessly to give the Ducore® the best performance possible.

Food Grade PCTG

Option for Adjustable Airflow control (AFC)

Food Grade Safe PCTG

The Ducore®  Disposable Bar disposable mouthpiece is made from FDA certified PCTG material. Safe to use and durable enough to last a lifetime.

Auto Draw

Easy To Operate

Auto Draw, Easy To Operate

Equipped with an auto-draw firing system, Ducore® Disposable Bar simply requires you to inhale to experience smooth and flavor-rich vapor production, for a true custom vaping experience matched by no other disposable on the market.

Aluminium Alloy

Designed for durability

The main body of the LVL 280 uses aluminium alloy material, which makes the battery more durable to use with a long-lasting finish.

Quick Charge
Safety Protection

Powerful Built-In Battery

Micro USB 0.5A quick charging and Safety Protection

Powered by a powerful built-in 280 mAh rechargeable battery that allows the Ducore® Disposable Bar disposable to perform like no other disposable on the market. And with the ability to charge this disposable, you will always have the confidence of a fully charged battery at the time of retail sale.  It comes prebuilt with the standard safety protection to ensure harmless operation when charging or vaping.

Available for

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Components View

LVL 280 (No Visible Oil Window/Chamber)

PCTG Mouthpiece
Oil Chamber

Technical Specs


16.0 mm x 85.0 mm x 8.5mm (8427b)
16.0 mm x 94.0 mm x 8.5mm (8492)
16.0 mm x 84.0 mm x 8.5mm (8495)
16.0 mm x 94.0 mm x 8.5mm (8497)
17.0 mm x 94.0 mm x 9.0mm (8498)

Tank Capacity

0.5 ml, 1.0ml

Battery Capacity

280 mAh

Activation Mode

Autodraw (Voltage 3.7V)

Atomizer Resistance


Body Material

Aluminium Alloy

Charging Current


Micro USB Charging


Coil Material

Ceramic + FeCr

Coil Style

Dual Coil

Ducore® Disposables

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Ducore® SBS

Ducore® AIO

Ducore® AIO


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