Oil Cartridge
Filling Machine

Universal oil cartridge filling machines suitable for all types of liquids. Our state-of-the-art filling machines are able to handle all types of liquids such as e-juice, distillate, cbd oil, hemp oil, or thc oil. Our efficient cartridge filling machines our easy to use and provide an efficient way to scale and better meet your production needs.

Transmission Chain One
Pod Trays

Feeding the pods

Our pod trays module efficiently allows for a seamless transfer through the transmission chain. The system is able to handle 100 pieces in each cycle and has sensors built in to protect pods from filling problems eliminating expensive mishaps that cause lost product.

Filling Station,

20L Oil Tank

Effortless watch while the sensor identifies each pod and the oil filling valve extracts the oil from a 20L oil tank to fill each pod with the precise 0.5ML or 1.0ML setting. Monitor filling times through the system touch screen.

Discharge Station
Pod Trays

Discharge Port

The Discharge Station feeds the tray full of lids into the front transmission chain through a series of sensors to automate the placing of lids on each pod. System processes up to 100 pieces in each cycle.

Contact Sales

For detailed information about our Oil Filling Cartridge Machines contact our sales team. At Ispire we offer full suite of end to end solutions to meet your business. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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