Ultra-Portable and stealthy THC disposable pod

ZNKD 650

Customers who love the solid feel of the Ducore In-Palm series, but prefer disposable units, will enjoy getting their hands on the ZNKD 650. A 0.5ML tank, auto-draw activation, and single-intensity firing provide a consistent experience, and the soft-touch casing - available in 5 finishes - gives it a substantial feel that is often lacking in pocket-sized units.
Model No8482
Tank Capacity:0.5ml
Battery Capacity:400 mAh
Dimension (mm):30.1 x 62.1 x 16.3
Activation Mode:Auto Draw
Voltage Output:3.7V
Charging Current:0.5A
Charging Port:Micro USB
Colors:White, Beige, Moss Green, Black, Orange, Blue, Grey

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Unique Ceramic Heating System,
Leak Proof

Fully tested THC Coils

Fully tested to vaporize THC oils in the most effective way possible.

The unique design ensures great flavor, and performance without suffering tank clogging or flooding. You even don’t need to preheat! With this design, you’ll experience a medium heat with great airflow.

Powerful Battery Capacity,
Micro USB charging

Built-in Rechargable Battery

Powerful built-in rechargeable battery

Powered by a built-in 400 mAh rechargeable battery that has a robust performance. In the event, the battery runs low, simply plug in with a Mirco USB cable to extend battery life to ensure your oil won’t go to waste.

Available for

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Technical Specs


62.1 mm x 30.1 mm x 16.3 mm

Tank Capacity

0.5 ml

Battery Capacity

400 mAh

Activation Mode

Auto Draw

Voltage Output


Charging Current

Fast Charging 0.5A

Micro USB Charging


Coil Style

Single coil

Coil Material

Stainless Steel (Atomizer Shell & Airway tube)
Copper-nickel plating (Atomizer base)


Ducore® Disposables

Ducore® disposables range uses industry’s first leading-edge patented dual ceramic coil technology Ducore®,
our coil offers both a pleasant tight draw and a nice throat hit. Feels like the act of Smoking.
Whichever you prefer, Ducore® can deliver!

Ducore® AIO

Ducore® AIO

Ducore® Disposable

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