Do dabs smell? If you’ve just started using cannabis concentrates, you might be wondering if they carry the same odor as flower. For many, the notorious smell of cannabis can feel incriminating—even if you live in a legal state. The key when dabbing is to use quality equipment to achieve a quality hit at the ideal temperature to unlock its truest aromatic representation.

Those looking for a discreet dabbing experience can turn to a number of Ispire devices for convenient, clean, and easy dabbing. Two of Ispire’s top-tier dabbing tools include The Wand and daab, using an innovative induction heating method to heat your extract without the need for an open flame. This process allows you to fully taste and experience the terpenes from your cannabis concentrate, creating a much easier and more reliable experience than using a torch.

There are a few factors that go into explaining the answer to the question: do dabs smell? We’ll dive into dabbing temperatures, different concentrate types, and solvent vs. solventless extracts to provide the answer.

Do Dabs Smell?

The short answer is yes. Dabs smell like the dominant terpenes present in whatever concentrate you are using. They typically don’t smell harsh or like something is burning but rather emit an herby, natural odor. Unlike flower, this smell can appear more appealing to the nose. In addition, there are a few other elements to consider when trying to reduce any loud, lingering aromas.

The quality of your concentrates will play a significant role in the smell they produce. The better your product, the more pungent the smell since the terpenes and other compounds have not been destroyed during processing. As well as the size of dab you’re hitting. The larger the dab, the louder the scent it will induce, naturally. Luckily, the vapor from dabbing diffuses quicker than smoke making this a more suitable option for anyone trying to smoke and conceal the odor discreetly. When dabbing, it can also help to consider the size of the room you’re in. The smaller the space, the more likely you will trap yourself in a cloud of cannabis. Having access to an open window or proper ventilation will also help decrease unwanted scents.

Don’t Burn The Oil!

The Wand and daab from Ispire allow you to take low-temp hits that don’t create any burnt or off-putting smells that you would typically get from using a torch. The sleek and complex design of The Wand makes it so you don’t ever have to refill a butane torch again! Instead, The Wand is the first-ever e-torch to use induction heating. All you have to do is remember to charge it. At the same time, the daab provides a smooth, handheld rig that also heats up your dab using induction heating to achieve the perfect temperature every time.

This induction heating technique refers to a process in which there’s no need to use a lighter or torch, which can contain added carcinogens when inhaled. This design helps remove toxic additives and brings about a more flavorful smoke, eliminates product waste, and has excellent efficiency.

Solvent-free vs. Solventless

If you’re familiar with cannabis consumption, you might’ve heard of the terms “solvent-free” and “solventless,” both are forms of marijuana concentrates, such as live rosin, a solvent-free concentrate, and live resin, a solvent-less concentrate. Though these two terms may sound similar, they couldn’t be more opposite.

We can start by agreeing that a solvent is something that dissolves something else. In this case, that is cannabis concentrate. A hydrocarbon solvent dissolves the cannabis plant material, leaving only the terpenes and cannabinoids behind. There are critical differences between solventless and solvent-free cannabis products and the odors that each produces.

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Though all solvents are extracted before hitting dispensary shelves, it’s keen to know that during the extraction process, solvents are still used whether or not the label states it is “solvent-free.” Products that have had all the solvents removed before the consumer’s consumption are referred to as solvent-free. To achieve this, the hydrocarbon-based solvent is extracted from the plant, guaranteeing a pure product rid of all residual solvents. Popular solvent-free concentrates include distillate, crumble, and live resin. Compared to live rosin, live resin, when extracted won’t lose as much of the terpenoid profile, retaining all of the trichomes and cannabinoids, ultimately releasing what could be a more intense odor.

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Compared to solvent-free concentrates, solventless (aka non-solvent) cannabis products are marijuana concentrates produced without the use of chemical solvents such as ethanol, propane, or butane. While all legal solvent-free products abide by state cannabis laws to ensure no residual solvent, some users still prefer solventless products for peace of mind. The first solventless concentrate was cannabis hash, and slowly we have advanced to a plethora of methods, including hash (the first solventless concentrate) and live rosin.


Dabs may smell, but they don’t produce the same stench as cannabis flower. If you’re trying to have the most floral and pleasant-smelling dabs, you need to take them at lower temperatures, using quality concentrates. This makes sure the terpenes don’t burn off, and you get more of the flavor and natural odors. When at the dispensary, the next something to consider is that concentrates with solvents might have more of a plant-like smell because of the lingering fats and lipids. Choosing a solventless concentrate will make you less likely for pungent odors to linger.

For an authentic dabbing experience, choose Ispire’s daab or The Wand to get the perfect temperature every time that won’t burn your terps. The on-demand induction heating that both devices utilize ensures a clean, consistent, and convenient dabbing experience that you can easily repeat.