Northern Lights

An Ispire Exclusive

Limited Edition

It’s time to take in the Northern Lights and Light It Up Ispire style
because it’s always 420 somewhere.

Our Ispire Exclusive Northern Lights daab™ comes with all the features you have come to love and a few new items designed to let you experience the Northern Lights during each smoke sesh.

Portable Induction Heating Dab Device


Introducing daab™. Our sleek enail all-in-one dab kit includes the most elevated handheld dab rig on the market, and uses induction heating and custom temperature settings to keep you in control.

The daab and its durable hard-shell carrying case make dabbing portable and user friendly, for the perfect hit every time, anywhere.

With the daab, the power is in your hands.

The Wand

Induction Dabbing Device


Welcome to the dabbing revolution. Our sleek portable eNail dab kit includes the first ever eNail to use induction heating. It gives you the power to select your desired temperature for the perfect dabbing experience every time.

With The Wand, you’re in control.


The Wand

Congratulations to Ispire for being nominated as the Finalists and subsequently winning The Innovative Product of the Year 2021 award in the recent White Label Expo New York City event.

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Best In Show Award

John Mackay Scientific Award Winner

Best Product Award


Dual Coil Technology

Delivers Superior Flavor and Power

Leakproof Design

Eliminate Leaking and Flooding

Connector Compatibility

Magnetic 510 connector compatible with most batteries on the market


Ultimate Flavor Experience

Dual Coil Technology lets you experience the complete flavor spectrum

Bigger Hits

Unique airflow design delivering better hits

Fully Customizable

Our products are all configurable to your brand needs


All products certified by SC Labs, the trusted source for reliable and accurate cannabis testing
Good Manufacturing Practice regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration
Maintaining the highest quality management systems to meet customer and regulatory requirements


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Our sleek and elegant designs packed with innovative features will leave your customers delighted everytime



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E-Nail | E-Rig

What our customers say

"Ispire has been a super easy vendor to work with. They are flexible and quick to respond to any inquiry. Customers have been very happy with their products and I would recommend the company to anyone considering doing business with them."

"Ispire got full mL cartridges to us when everyone else was out! What's better is they got to us quickly and for cheap! Would definitely recommend these high quality carts to anyone trying to fill their own."

Matthew Routhier

Old Glory / Red Rocket Corp
"Working with ispire has truly been a revelation for my business and myself as a small business owner. From the very outset of our relationship their team have been incredible to work with. They understand the complexities of the industry and are there to support you and your business as you navigate through the challenges of international product development and purchase. I have done multiple rounds of research and development from almost every conceivable vape hardware manufacturer. Only the hardware made by ispire lived up to the billing. The performance and consistency is top notch."

Tucker Corriveau

Owner of Evergreen Extracts in Denver Colorado
"Ispire solved the problems that come with sourcing directly overseas: they removed the hassle of language barrier, long wait times to try samples and cash flow issues by their 25% down payment policy. Aside from fair pricing, Ispire’s team of designers work with you to make a product that is tailored to your target demographic’s taste and budget. It’s not a 1 size fit all pen like CCELL or some other factories. The hardware is the most reliable for the cost that I have encountered in my near decade of working in the cannabis vapor industry - when it comes to disposables the reliability of the unit can make or break your brand and Ispire has earned our trust."

Tom Moore

Eureka Vapor
“The wand is an innovative device and adds a new way for my customers to enjoy their concentrates. Ispire have been great to work with. After placing my order, I received my tracking within 24hrs.”

Russ Cowan
Been using the DuCore 400 mAh pen for the past month and have been very impressed with the quality of pen, I’ve tried several oils and the flavor really stands out with this pen. I strongly recommend your company and it’s products for its outstanding quality and performance.

Unison DNB

Drum and Bass DJ, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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