The daab™ by Ispire is intentionally crafted to elevate the mobile dabbing experience. As the most cutting edge e-rig on the market, daab™ promises to provide terp-filled clouds heated with precision. The stoners have spoken: this device doesn’t disappoint. Dope As Yola reviewed the daab™ to prove Ispire’s newest mobile rig is fit for everyone.

Dope As Yola has more than earned his title as one of the top content creators, podcasters, and personalities in the cannabis space. As a self-proclaimed modern-day version of Cheech or Chong, Dope As Yola grew his massive online presence by creating consistent cannabis content. Dope As Yola is highly respected as one of the largest personalities in the industry and fans turn to him for honest recommendations on up-and-coming products/technology in the cannabis space. Read more to see what Dope As Yola had to say about Ispire’s innovative mobile dab rig.

“For most people, the thing that scares them away from dabbing is the torch….then all the steps and upkeep to your nail and rig. The daab by Ispire eliminates all of those problems. You can load the nail, heat it up, and carb cap it…..ALL WITH ONE HAND!!!” – Dope As Yola

Overall Design

Ispire’s design stands out from the start. The daab™ is an induction heated rig that uses Borosilicate (Boro) glass cups instead of an atomizer! Complete with an LED screen and a simple user interface, this device is easy to operate without the need for an app. This proprietary glass-on-glass design not only produces amazing flavor, it also makes the daab™ vaporizer the cleanest and safest mobile dab rig on the market. The daab™ by Ispire is discreet, and reliable and utilizes an all-glass airflow path for fine-tuned temperature control and flavor with every hit.

Whether using it for terp-filled “cold start” dabs or high-temp clouds, induction heating provides the cleanest, even heating for the tastier hits. This device is perfect for curious consumers looking to ease into the world of dabbing while still holding up for seasoned smokers. The daab™ is a sleek handheld rig that was designed to be portable and discreet. Get the perfect hit, every time, anywhere, at any temp!


The daab™ by Ispire comes in a travel kit with its own Pelican case! Intentionally designed and made from high-quality materials this storage case will protect your dab rig on every adventure. The attention to detail blows competitors out of the water. This kit also includes a usable dab pad labeled with instructions for how to use the device (super convenient.) A white warranty card is also included with each device and offers lasting protection upon enrollment.

Carb Cap

The daab™ Carb Cap is specifically designed to retain heat for a longer period of time to enhance your experience. The hourglass shape and pointed tip allow you to easily move concentrates around and can even double as a dab tool. Simple yet sturdy, this boro glass carb cap will help boost your hits while minimizing waste. The single hole at the top of the cap acts the same way as a carb on a pipe and provides maximum airflow control.

Reclaim Cup

A claim catcher or reclaim bucket is a glass attachment that goes between the nail and the rig, it has a removable cup that catches reclaim, or leftover, oil for later use. Incorporating this piece into the design of the daab™ allows Ispire to stand out from the competition even more! This reclaim cup goes into the induction heating area of the device before the inner cup-creating a more efficient seal that prevents spills by collecting any oil that spills over during longer sessions. Not only does the reclaim catcher keep your rig looking clean and beautiful, but it also allows you to waste less oil-ultimately saving you time and money

Inner Induction Concentrate Cup

The Ispire design team took the daab™ device one step further by creating their exclusive “Concentrate Cups”. These deliver the cleanest safest hits on the market. These cups are made with stainless steel rings encased between two sealed walls of Boro glass creating the perfect dabbing environment. This one-of-a-kind banger is designed to heat by induction (instead of using an atomizer) and is specially created for use with the mobile daab™ rig. By utilizing induction heating, the daab™ is able to precisely heat the inner glass cup to your desired temperature. This ensures the quality remains pure and tasty keeping contaminants, like butane, from ever touching the concentrate (or entering your system).

Water Chamber

This sturdy carrier cup makes up the bulk of the rig. The daab™ water chamber creates an unrivaled experience. When paired with the technology in the base unit this piece delivers the perfect hit every time. Like the rest of the device, the water chamber is also made from boro glass, which helps to purify concentrated vapor while remaining heat resistant. The water chamber cools and filters concentrate vapor as it is inhaled through the mouthpiece. Like the rest of the daab™ unit, the all-glass design further enhances the flavor of each hit. To make it even easier, this piece includes a fill line so never risk overfilling your glass.

Handheld Electronic Base Unit

The electronic base of Ispire’s mobile dab rig is equipped with industry standards safety features to ensure top performance, durability, and prolonged usage. Made from durable plastic, which is sturdy and lightweight, this device can easily fit in one hand. The daab™ base holds the power button, LED screen, temperature control buttons, and the USB-C charging port. The top of the base has a lighting display area to indicate heat levels, this is also where the reclaim and inner induction cups are placed. The top of the base has a lighting display to indicate heat levels while smoking.

smoking. The unit also has a battery compartment that holds two removable (and replaceable) 18650 batteries to efficiently power this high heating device. This mobile dab rig is rechargeable and has pass-through charging so it works while plugged in, for repeatable, controllable, clean, and safe heating. This is an important factor in the quality of the daab™ rig as it has quite the temperature range! Temps on this powerhouse device can be adjusted in 5° degree increments from 250°F to 800°F. Users can also choose to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius by pressing both temperature buttons simultaneously.

Overall Dabbing Experience – 100% Dope As Yola Approved

If you want classy, beautiful machinery with precise control over your dabbing experience look no further! The daab™ is easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t have an atomizer or coil system to replace, is made almost completely of boro glass, and comes with a reclaim cup…what more could you want from a mobile dab rig? This vaporizer is versatile enough to support any wax or concentrate type. Use auto mode for lasting sessions or manual mode for a more personalized experience. From cold to steaming in 30 seconds, this sleek induction heated, atomizer-free, mobile dab rig is perfect for those seeking precision-controlled low-temp and high-temp dabs or for those who want to experience the sweet terps associated with cool dabs.

Dope as Yolahas spoken, the new daab™ E-Rig from Ispire is a beast! Get yours today and join the Dabbing Revolution.