Every cannabis concentrate is unique and requires a specific range of heat to properly dab it. Many daily dabbers will tell you that low-temp is always the way to go when really, it varies. Depending on the consistency of the concentrate you’re consuming, you might want it hotter or cooler. The problem is that it’s hard to maintain specific temperatures when you’re using a torch. Ispire created The Wand to solve this dilemma. Their e-torch gives you the power to select the exact temperature you need for the perfect dabbing experience every time.

The Wand is the first-ever e-torch that uses on-demand induction heating. When combined with their borosilicate glass bangers, it completely eliminates the need for a torch. Where other e-nails use coils and wires, The Wand is cordless and holds a long charge. Ispire’s e-torch dab kit includes all of the necessary tools for you to join the dabbing revolution. The question then becomes—what are the best temperatures for taking dabs with The Wand?

Hotter dabs might provide more immediate and prominent effects. Alternatively, low-temp dabs might deliver a lighter high with more gradual effects, and notably more flavor. There are a few temperature ranges we’ll go over, as well as what types of concentrates might work better at lower or higher temps. If you’re just starting out with The Wand, it’s a good idea to experiment and find your own preference.

Terpenes & Boiling Points

For the most terpene-rich flavor, it’s no secret that you need to take lower-temp dabs. This is because each terpene has a specific boiling point. To keep it simple, as soon as you reach any temperature past 388 degrees Fahrenheit, the terpenes will be affected. This is a lower temperature than even the typical range for a “low-temp dab.” So, for the flavor hunters out there, it’s safer to pursue low-temp dabs to get the “terpiest” hits every time. The Wand is able to ensure that you’re at the exact temperature you’re trying to achieve to keep your terps intact.

Normal Range (540-570°F)

Setting The Wand somewhere between 540-570°F is going to be a reliable range for most concentrates. Shatter, crumble, rosin, live resin, and sugar will all be completely vaporized in this range. This will ensure that you’re still getting all of the important flavors, cannabinoids, and potential Entourage Effects without scorching any of your terps. The Wand is able to reach this temperature range in mere moments, whereas a torch would require heating a banger and letting it cool down, taking several minutes.

Mid-Range (510-550°F)

The mid-range temperature for dabbing is around 510-550°F. This is going to preserve more of the terpenes and still vaporize nearly all of the concentrate. Any solventless concentrate is going to be great in this range, such as hash rosin or ice wax. It’s common for fats and lipids from solventless extracts to char slightly or leave residue after a dab, even at a lower temperature. This is because solventless concentrates don’t undergo dewaxing as live or cured resins do.

Low-Temp (400-500°F)

For the true cannasseur, low-temp dabs are a way of life. Keep in mind that most terpenes and cannabinoids have a boiling point under 400°F. While most concentrates are able to melt at as low as 350°F, a little higher than that is the usual range for low-temp dabs. This is because you’re still looking for a certain level of vaporization.

The ideal range for low-temp dabs is somewhere between 400-500°F, typically. Some devices only go as low as 450°F, while The Wand’s lowest setting is 250°F. We’re not recommending you go that low, but for a saucier concentrate, it’s worth exploring the 400-450°F range.

Low-temp dabs will leave you with a small pool of oil in your banger that doesn’t completely vaporize. Most dabbers accept this fate, but there is always the option of turning up the temperature on The Wand to vaporize the rest. It won’t be as flavorful, but it might still get you very high.

Hot Dabs (570-600°F and Higher)

Taking hotter dabs isn’t super popular, but some people prefer the potentially quick effects and overall strength of a hotter hit. With some crystalline concentrates like THCA diamonds, it does require a higher temperature to fully decarboxylate the dab. Decarboxylation is a chemical conversion that occurs over time in the plant or when cannabis reaches a certain temperature, thus releasing its psychoactive compounds.

THCA alone won’t get you high, it takes heat typically to remove its extra carboxyl ring and activate its psychoactive properties. Low-temp dabs are able to accomplish this chemical conversion, but higher temps will make it happen much faster. The Wand’s highest heat setting is 800°F. You shouldn’t go this high but understand that you have the option if you want to experiment with temperatures above 600°F.


It’s safe to say that you want the most flavor and potency possible with every dab you take. There is no “perfect temperature for dabbing,” because it does largely does come down to preference. For anything saucier, waxy, or solventless, you’re going to get the most flavor in the low-to-mid-range, while crystalline concentrates might be better in the mid-to-normal range. Hot dabs aren’t going to be the most flavorful, but they might get you the highest the fastest.

The Wand is the perfect dabbing tool for anyone seeking specific temperatures that are able to be maintained consistently without needing a torch. The Wand’s patented induction heating technology comes from circulating electrical currents. This means heat is transferred without coming into contact with fire or contaminants and the inductor itself never gets hot. Once you set up your Ispire e-torch dab kit, the process becomes extremely repeatable, controllable, clean, and safe. Join the dabbing revolution today and find your perfect temperature with The Wand by Ispire.