If you’ve ever smoked cannabis from a pipe, you’ve probably noticed the black oily gunk that forms within. This material is referred to as resin, and it is the residue left behind when cannabis flower is smoked. When you smoke concentrates, a similar material called reclaim forms within your dab rig.

Reclaim is the re-condensed form of cannabis concentrates that are left over from a dab session. Consider it to be the cold solid that remains after the hot greasy liquid has evaporated.

Reclaim adheres to the walls and base of your dab rig and dropdown, as well as collecting in the water. Cannabis extracts are oils, and oil and water do not mix.

How to Collect and Recover

Collecting cannabis reclaim may be done in a variety of ways. There are even accessories for your rig known as drop-downs or reclaim cups that simplify the procedure. To regain space from your drop-down, simply flip it over and apply a mild heat to the bottom. The heat will loosen the reclaim and it will fall out; just be careful to capture it with a silicone pad.

Can I use Cannabis Reclaim?

Reclaim still has cannabinoids, so you can get high from it. Nonetheless, it won’t be very tasty, and the terpene profile will be almost non-existent. Additionally, quality counts; the better the original concentrate’s quality, the higher the reclaim’s quality. However, it will retain a rather foul flavor.

There are three ways you can use reclaim. You can dab it again, eat it or simply discard it. Again, it’s up to you to reuse it or just throw it away. In summary, it still contains cannabinoids but with almost no flavor or even a bad taste.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach your cannabis reclaim. It can be eaten, dabbed, or washed away. It’s entirely up to you!