We have published a couple of articles about growing cannabis outdoors and growing cannabis indoors. If you grow cannabis, it’s very important you control male plants to prevent pollination of female plants. Advanced cannabis growers don’t discard male plants as they are very important to produce high quality cannabis. Nonetheless, the use of male cannabis requires more gardening skills and that’s why it’s suitable for experienced growers. If you don’t have that much experience in growing cannabis, then cannabis feminized seeds are more suitable for you.

There are many processes to obtain feminized cannabis seeds. The most common one is using colloidal silver but there are other methods such as rodelization.

Rodelization and Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The process of rodelization isn’t the most effective method to obtain feminized seeds. In this process unpollinated female plants try to pollinate themselves. In short, this process happens when female plants don’t get pollinated. When female plants feel they are near their life cycle then these stressed female plants will grow male sacs and proceed to self-pollinate.

However, the rodelization process has some disadvantages. Although it is considered a natural way of obtaining feminized seeds (it doesn’t use chemicals such as colloidal silver or gibberellic acid), the rodelization process has higher probabilities of producing hermaphrodite plants. Moreover, the offspring of these plants have higher chances of being hermaphrodite. In other words, a hermaphrodite plant can pollinate your entire garden and ruin your cannabis harvest.

Why Do People Want Feminized Seeds?

Because male cannabis produces very small amounts of THC. Male cannabis plants are undesirable because cannabis growers want flowers rich in THC or CBD. If the female plants are fertilized, they will focus part of their growth energy into unnecessary seed development. Since cannabis pollinates through the air, just one male plant in a room can fertilize all female plants and ruin a harvest.

Experienced cannabis growers know how to separate female and male cannabis plants and how to make a good use of male cannabis plants.

Why Males Are Also Important?

Male marijuana plants impregnate female cannabis plants by pollinating them. They develop pollen sacs that release pollen that would reach female plants and allowing these female plants to acquire the males’ genetic makeup to produce seeds. An experience harvester would collect the pollen produced by male cannabis plants, label it and even store it in a freezer. Why? Because male cannabis plants (the pollen) contribute to THC levels, overall quality, smell, terpenes among many other traits.

Female plants are valued because they don’t produce pollen sacs, instead they have buds that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. In addition, if you have a limited space, then you don’t want male cannabis to take up most of the space available in your grow room. In short, you want to cover your space with female plants that will produce buds. Male cannabis plants are only useful because their pollen can contribute with the genes to the development of cannabis plants rich in cannabinoids. That is why traditionally, male cannabis has been used just for fiber and fabric.

Rodelization Method: Simple Way to Obtain Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The rodelization method is regarded as the simplest and most natural way to obtain cannabis feminized seeds. You don’t need any chemicals that might contaminate your plants.

As mentioned above, there are some disadvantages with this method. For instance, you can end up with hermaphrodite cannabis plants. Moreover, the pollen produced in the pollen sacs of hermaphrodite plants are not as potent as the pollen produces by male cannabis plants.

Nonetheless, this is a simple way to obtain feminized cannabis seeds and moreover, it’s very natural. Remember that male cannabis produces better quality pollen. Furthermore, experienced cannabis growers will use male cannabis to obtain high quality female cannabis plants.