The Wand

The cleanest, safest true dabbing experience.

The Wand

What is a Magic Wand?

Magic Wands are magical tools that have two main functions. When a Magic Wand is properly crafted and enchanted it creates an energy focusing tool. When a Wand has energy channeled into it, the Wand will focus the energy into a beam that comes out of its tip.

Say the magic words “Abra Cadabra” or should we say Abra Ca dab ra and start dabbing without FIRE. The 2600F degree torch disappears with its scary flame and burning hot tip. No more worrying about getting burned or where you set the torch down. With the Wand you can set it down anywhere and not worry about causing a FIRE.

Induction Heating
Patented Technology

Built for durability

What makes this heating method so unique? In most common heating methods, a torch or open flame is applied directly to the part to be heated. With induction heating, heat is “induced” within the part itself by circulating electrical currents. Since heat is transferred the part never comes into direct contact with any flame or contaminant, the inductor itself does not get hot and there is no product contamination. When properly set up, the process becomes very repeatable, controllable, clean and safe.

Borosilicate Glass
Banger Cups

Ispire Patent Pending

Our Borosilicate Glass Banger cups have ferrous metal encased in between two sealed walls of Quartz completely sealed away from the dabbing environment and creating an absolutely clean and sealed Quartz Banger cup.

Dual battery
18650 cell

USB Charging Available

The Wand induction device uses replaceable dual 18650 battery to power the super high heating efficiency with minimal combustion. Moreover, external batteries ensure extended usage for a worry-free experience. Rechargeable via USB port – fast charging, the Wand device can reach up to 5 Volts with a maximum charging current of 2 Amps.

All Viscocity

Wax and Concentrates

Versatile enough to support wax and concentrates of any viscocity to meet your daily preference

Precise Temperature

Auto and Manual Mode Available

With accurate temperature control settings, it easy to adjust temperature control settings for that perfect dabbing experience. The Wand also available in both Auto and Manual mode for more flexibility.

Safety Features
Industry Standards

Built for convenience

Equipped with industry standards safety features to ensure top performance, durability, and prolong usage.

Compatible accessories

Suitable for personal use

Super compatible with most bongs on the market, the wand comes accessorized with both angled and straight bangers. A cost-effective and safer alternative to the traditional oil rigs, it is compact and suitable for personal use.

Available for

Technical Specs

Activation Mode

Manual and Auto Mode

Battery Capacity

External Dual 18650

Charging Port

Micro USB


Upgradeable Software

Charging Current

5V – 2A


Borosilicate Glass Banger Cups

Temperature Range

up to 710 ºF

Liquid Temp Range

450 to 550ºF

In the Box

The Wand Kit Box comes with

Delivering a best in class cannabis experience, guaranteed to help you standout
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