Big power and vaporization in a small package

Ducore®  x

We’ve elevated vaping to unmatched levels with our Ducore® x cartridge. The dual ceramic heating cores offer superior flavored experience by distributing the heat more evenly, thereby not overheating the oil and terpenes. The two cores offer twice the airflow passage.
Model No:970497089712
Tank Capacity:1.0 ml1.0 ml0.5 ml
Dimension(mm):13.5 x 4513.5 x 4513.5 x 37
Resistance:1.0 Ω1.0 Ω1.0 Ω
Fluid Housing:GlassGlassGlass
Heating Core:CeramicCeramicCeramic
Material:Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel

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Optimal Power & Breezy Hits

Dual Ceramic Coils

Ducore® lets you experience the complete flavor spectrum. Designed to deliver better hits, superior flavor, and power.

Along with a unique airflow system, we have integrated a patented leak-proof, anti-clog design to ensure hassle-free performance.

Revolutionary 3Fold
Leak-proof Design

Guaranteed Leak-Proof

Uniquely designed airflow system that provides unrivaled airflow but also a multi-channeled airflow design that prevents oil leakage by capturing it in the inner chambers.

We solved common leaking issues by incorporating a dense cotton layer at top & bottom of tank. We installed an airflow to minimize a direct airflow, thus reducing backpressure. Combine all this together and you have a leading-edge patented industry tank with great airflow, and no leaking or flooding.

Huge Airflow

Dual Ceramic Coils

Huge Airflow Delivery, Purest Flavor Production

Ducore® x  has a uniquely designed airflow system that provides exceptional airflow unrivaled by other small tanks. We have intensely tested the airflow for over a year to find the best airflow settings for this 1.0Ω coil.

Adjustable Airflow Control

Dual Ceramic Coils

Adjustable airflow for the perfect hit every time

A fully customizable airflow system that allows you to easily adjust.. for the perfect hit every time

Stainless Steel
Center Tube

Food-grade Material

The much improved Ducore®  cartridge uses a food-grade stainless steel center-tube that is highly resistant to rust as well as heat. Safer to use and more durable than other carts offered elsewhere.

510 Connection

M7 threaded connection

The 510 connector makes the Ducore® cartridge compatible with most batteries on the market. However, we highly recommend using Ispire batteries for the best vaping performance

All Levels Viscosity

Accepts Live Resin

Our Ducore® cartridge accepts all levels of viscosity ranges. Whether it is live resin, oil, or concentrates our cartridges can deliver true satisfaction.

Available for

Why not customize our Ducore® cartridge for your brand? Ispire provide various OEM and ODM solutions for your business.

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Custom Surface Material Colors

Comprehensive Multi-Color Designs

We offer a wide range of multi-color designs and patterns for your unique customization. Choose from available surface materials plating and printing options using Vacuum Metalizing Plating, Water Transfer Plating, Decal and Pattern Printing, or Spray (Monochrome, Gradient Spray, Spot) Paint.

Multi-Drip Tip

Dual Ceramic Coils

We provide different drip tips to fully meet your customization needs.

We provide different drip tips to fully meet your customization needs. Along with our standard stainless steel drip tips, we also supply ceramic, glass, metal, and delrin drip tips with different colors, and different shapes (round or flat) options.

OEM Locking


OEM locking caps for single use/disposable tanks

We offer two different installation methods for the mouthpiece to the tank. We offer OEM locking caps for single-use/disposable tanks, and if you require, we also offer threaded mouthpiece that can be made reusable.

Components View

Non-Adjustable Airflow Control  (AFC) Cartridge

Drip Tip
Stainless Steel Atomizer
Pyrex glass tube
510 Connector

Technical Specs


13.5 mm x 45 mm (1.0ml)

13.5 mm x 37 mm (0.5ml)

Tank Capacity

0.5 ml/1.0 ml

Glass Material

Pyrex® Glass

Tank Material

Stainless Steel Atomizer


1.0 Ω


Easy top filling

Coil Style

Dual Ceramic Coils
(Non- replaceable coil)

Coil Material

Ceramic + Kanthal® FeCr

Viscosity Range

Available to all viscocity ranges


Compatible Batteries

We highly recommend using Ispire batteries for the best vaping performance with our Ducore® cartridges.
All of our batteries are 510 compatible with quality built-in that you can trust.

Ducore® In-Palm

Ducore® Pen

Delivering a best in class experience, guaranteed to help you stand out.
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