Trusted, reliable, and top-performing, our products offer the best-taste in the industry, bar none. Custom calibration is available to ensure that your product is heated exactly how it should be for optimal taste and effect. Our products work with oils of various viscosities and we work with you as a strategic partner to ensure your experience is seamless. Our patented Ducore® technology has two heating cores that deliver even heating and superior flavor, while minimizing clogging and leaking. Many of our carts also offer Adjustable Airflow Control, perfect for everyone from novice to expert consumers and patients, providing far more airflow than any other cartridge.


Stop outsourcing your manufacturing. Our US-based team eliminates the hassles of liaising with various vendors and factories to create your perfect product. We are the factory, and operate in our own 100,000 sqft manufacturing facility so we’re able to advise in every step of the process. We also offer our partners premium packaging solutions that, like our hardware, are fully customizable with OEM/ODM options, making us your one-stop-shop for all your business needs. We only win when you win.


We are a team of experts highly invested in advancing the industry and being strategic partners that elevate your business to the next level. We are connectors—plugging our partners in to a vast community of elite professionals, and providing access to a network of cannabis aficionados from fillers to distributors, extractors to retailers and beyond. Plain and simple, we care more. With Ispire, you have support.


With over 1,000 patents globally (and counting), we continue to be the industry leader in developing, manufacturing and innovating premium vaporizing devices. Our Dab Devices Collection is award-winning and offers first of its kind induction heating technology, revolutionizing the landscape of dabbing.

Meet The Team

Business Development Team



"Ispire has been a super easy vendor to work with. They are flexible and quick to respond to any inquiry. Customers have been very happy with their products and I would recommend the company to anyone considering doing business with them."


"Ispire got full mL cartridges to us when everyone else was out! What's better is they got to us quickly and for cheap! Would definitely recommend these high quality carts to anyone trying to fill their own."

Matthew Routhier

Old Glory / Red Rocket Corp
"Working with ispire has truly been a revelation for my business and myself as a small business owner. From the very outset of our relationship their team have been incredible to work with. They understand the complexities of the industry and are there to support you and your business as you navigate through the challenges of international product development and purchase."

Tucker Corriveau

Evergreen Extracts, CO.
"The hardware is the most reliable for the cost that I have encountered in my near decade of working in the cannabis vapor industry - when it comes to disposables the reliability of the unit can make or break your brand and Ispire has earned our trust. "

Tom Moore

Eureka Vapor
“The wand is an innovative device and adds a new way for my customers to enjoy their concentrates. Ispire and Zack have been great to work with. After placing my order, I received my tracking within 24hrs.”

Russ Cowan

"I have been a strong proponent of Ispire as a company, and their hardware -- and all samples presented and processes have been great. I was also in sales for some time; Luna has been an amazing help in this process and it's been very much appreciated. I can attest to, and personally endorse Ispire and Luna for anything you might need to discuss about branding, manufacturing and customizations.”

Darrell Long

CaliLove connection and Blaze1
"Adding the Wand to our product range was our first experience of dealing with Ispire and I have to say, they’ve made the whole process a breeze and are a really friendly bunch. I honestly haven’t put this thing down since they arrived here and the torch has finally been relegated to the rarely used shelf. Now go and give the Wand a try, you won’t be sorry.”


Delivering a best in class cannabis experience, guaranteed to help you standout.
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