Introducing Mesh Coil Technology in Ispire's Renowned Lineup

Ispire is enhancing our device range with the introduction of mesh coil heating cores, a move that signifies our commitment to high performance and quality. This technology will be featured in several models, including the RDGS and SHVR from the Ispire ONE line, and the LVL from the Ispire Signature line, tailored to meet the exacting demands of our brand partners and clients.


Why Mesh Coil? Direct Benefits for the Hemp Market

Mesh coil technology offers significant benefits, responding to the market’s needs for devices with quick ramp-up times and consistent, substantial vapor production: 

  • Immediate Vapor Production: Mesh coils provide instant ramp-up, leading to immediate vapor production.

  • Consistent, Large Vapor Output: The enhanced surface area of mesh coils ensures a consistent and large volume of vapor.

  • Lower Temperature, Optimal Preservation: Operating at lower temperatures, mesh coils preserve the delicate flavors and terpenes of hemp oils, ensuring an enriched end user experience. 


Enhancing Ispire ONE and Signature Lines with Mesh Coil Technology 

  • Ispire Signature: Our Signature line, now incorporating mesh coil technology, offers devices compatible with existing filling machines and standard fill and cap flexibility. This integration enhances the line’s appeal, providing customizable, high-quality solutions with the added benefit of mesh coil efficiency and performance.

  • Ispire ONE: Revolutionizing the filling process, Ispire ONE devices, equipped with mesh coils, arrive fully assembled, eliminating the capping process. This innovation, combined with the superior performance of mesh technology, reduces human error, cuts labor costs, and simplifies operations.


Ispire ONE ARK 3mL all-in-one disposable vaporizer

Spotlight on New Devices: ARK and GoTek Debuting at Champs

Get a first look at the ARK and GoTek at Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV (Feb 2024) showcasing the potential of mesh coil technology in our new devices. Experience how these innovations are setting new standards in dosing technology.

Leading the Way with Mesh Coil Technology 

The introduction of mesh coil technology across our Ispire ONE and Signature product lines represents our dedication to evolving with market demands. By providing our brand partners and clients with these advanced devices, we continue to forge new paths in the hemp market, where performance, potency, and consistency are paramount.