Spring 2024 Preview: Unveiling Next-Gen Ispire ONE Devices

At this year's CHAMPS Las Vegas, Ispire stood out not just for participating but for setting a new benchmark in dosing technology. Our Spring preview introduced the Ispire ONE family's latest innovations: the GOTEK-ONE, ARK-ONE, MINICAN XL POD, and SWTCH POD. Each device is meticulously engineered to meet the evolving needs of our B2B clientele, offering advanced features, customization options, and unmatched reliability. Here’s what’s on the horizon for Spring 2024:

Ispire GOTEK-ONE all-in-one disposable palm vape

GOTEK-ONE & ARK-ONE: Tailored for Brand Differentiation

  • GOTEK-ONE: The GOTEK-ONE distinguishes itself as an ideal platform for brands looking to stand out. Its highly customizable body, available in transparent and translucent options, along with the opportunity for a branded battery wrap, provides ample real estate for custom branding. Paired with a digital battery indicator and a modern, angular design, the GOTEK-ONE is designed for brands and co-packers prioritizing distinctive aesthetics alongside functional excellence. Explore the GOTEK-ONE

  • ARK-ONE: The ARK-ONE complements the customization potential of the GOTEK with its elegant stainless steel body and smooth, edgeless design, appealing to brands aiming for a premium look and feel. Both models are equipped with a preheat function and offer the simplicity of the Ispire ONE filling system in 2 & 3 mL capacities, ensuring a seamless dosing solution. Discover the ARK-ONE

Ispire ARK-ONE all-in-one palm style disposable vape


MINICAN XL POD & SWTCH POD: Compact, Versatile Dosing Solutions

Tailored for brands seeking innovative dosing solutions in compact forms, the MINICAN XL POD and SWTCH POD systems bring fresh perspectives to pod technology.

  • MINICAN XL POD: This device sets a new standard for pod systems, combining a sleek design with enhanced capacity. The comfortable duckbill mouthpiece and elegant form factor make the MINICAN XL a standout choice for brands focusing on user experience and design. Meet the MINICAN XL POD

  • SWTCH POD: Inspired by the dual-tank versatility of the SWTCH-ONE AIO, the SWTCH POD system offers the unique capability to switch between two materials or flavors. It's a perfect option for brands looking to provide their customers with flexibility and choice in a discreet package. Previewed at CHAMPS and launching in Q2 2024, it’s poised to redefine pod system expectations. Preview the SWTCH POD | Check out the SWTCH-ONE AIO


Ispire SWTCH POD-ONE pen style vape pod system

Forward-Looking Commitment


The introduction of these devices at CHAMPS 2024 underscores Ispire's dedication to pushing the boundaries of dosing technology. Designed with the needs of brands and co-packers in mind, our latest offerings are set to enhance your product lineup, providing customizable, reliable, and innovative dosing solutions that stand out in the market.

Stay tuned for their Spring 2024 release, and prepare to elevate your offerings with Ispire's cutting-edge dosing technologies.

Ispire MINICAN XL-ONE pen style vape pod system