CHAMPS Las Vegas isn't your run-of-the-mill counterculture trade show. At the February 2024 expo, Ispire and our incredible brand partners took over the convention center, showcasing a fusion of innovative tech and immersive experience. Here's a rundown of all the Ispire ONE & Ispire Signature line devices on display.
Ispire SWTCH-ONE Hidden Hills & Friends Big Chief Plug n Play LA Traffic

Ispire ONE:

The Ispire ONE line is all about co-packing efficiency with its one-piece, self-sealing hardware that's a filler's dream. No capping, no hassle—simple, uncomplicated excellence.

The SWTCH-ONE: The dual-tank SWTCH-ONE stood out, turning heads with ability to combine two unique experiences in a single device. Hidden Hills, Big Chief, LA Traffic, and Plug 'n Play leveraged the platform to create heavy hitting brand collaborations. Flurish utilized SWTCH-ONE's twin-tank to offer to offer a dual-flavor, dual-effect experience to their consumers. See more SWTCH-ONE.

The LVLP-ONE: Flurish's second Ispire ONE offering is the tiny-yet-mighty LVLP-ONE. This form defines discreet and its performance is elite. Explore the LVLP-ONE.

    Ispire MINICAN-ONE & LVLP-ONE Flurish

    Ispire RDGS-ONE Oh Shit

    RDGS-ONE: Oh Shit’s choice of the RDGS-ONE for its premium Delta 8 offerings is a testament to high-capacity high performance. Check out the RDGS-ONE.

    MINICAN-ONE: Modern Herb Co's MINICAN-ONE pod systems are flying off the shelves. The TerpTech heating core is a perfect pairing with the premium oil offerings. Meet the MINICAN-ONE.

      Ispire MINICAN-ONE LVL-ONE Modern Herb Co
      LVL-ONE: Modern Herb Co minimalist LVL-ONE, is the perfect example of elegance and taste. This Ispire ONE device is a staple in our line up. Learn about the LVL-ONE.
      Ispire OVL Trap University
      Ispire OVL Coastal Clouds
      Ispire OVL Seedless

      Ispire Signature:

      Ispire Signature devices are our premium fill & cap hardware offerings. Reliable and highly customizable, these products are for brands ready to go to market quickly. 

      The OVL: The OVL's appeal is undeniable. Seedless, Trap University, and Coastal Clouds selected this sleek form factor and proven performance. This all-in-one is a blank canvas for creative branding, backed by premium design. Sample the OVL.

      The BX: Trippy Sugar’s BX is all about making bold statements, from its big clouds to its drippy design. Their unique silicone sleeve and Xclusive blend are a hit with consumers. Build your BX.

      Ispire BX Trippy Sugar

      This wasn’t just Ispire at CHAMPS 2024; it was a full-on takeover, showcasing what happens when you combine cutting-edge technology with visionary brand partners. We set the stage, shared the spotlight, and proved that together, we’re not just participating in the industry—we’re leading it.

      For those looking to bring these brands partners into your retail stores & distribution centers, contact us. We're here to make those connections happen.