The X30P: Combining Capacity, Vapor Production, and Cost-Effective Design

Ispire is proud to introduce the X30P cartridge, our innovative leap into the 3mL cartridge space. This product stands as a testament to our commitment to advanced, practical solutions in the dosing technology market. Explore the full X-Series Signature Line.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

The X30P is designed with a 13.5mm diameter base, accommodating a larger heating core to maximize vaporization surface area, which translates to significant vapor production - a must-have for brands and their discerning clientele.

TerpTech+: Advanced Vertical Coil Tech

At the heart of the X30P lies our TerpTech+ heating system, ensuring even heating and maintaining the integrity and flavor of oils, delivering a consistent and satisfying experience with every draw.

PCTG Plastic Tank: Durable and Cost-Effective

The X30P's durable PCTG plastic tank stands out for its clarity and chemical resistance, ensuring the safety and durability of the product. This material choice not only safeguards the purity of your oils but also offers a cost-effective solution, allowing brands to provide quality at a competitive price.

Streamlined and Personalized: Quick-Press Capping and Customizable Mouthpiece

Efficiency meets customization with the X30P’s Quick-Press Capping system, simplifying the sealing process. The cartridge comes with a plastic barrel mouthpiece, designed for ergonomic comfort. Customization options are available for the mouthpiece and tank in various colors, along with branding possibilities, aligning perfectly with your brand identity.


Ispire X30P 3mL 510 Cartridge

Order X30P Samples: Experience the Innovation

Experience your hemp oil formulation in the Ispire X30P! This cartridge is not just a new addition to our Ispire Signature lineup; it represents a significant stride in dosing technology, pushing the boundaries of capacity and vapor production. Get your X30P samples here.

Optimal Pairing with BKD v900 and THK v350 Batteries

Pair the X30P with our BKD v900 and THK v350 variable voltage batteries for unmatched performance and user-customizable experience. Discover BKD v900 and THK v350 here.