You may ask yourself what do you mean Analog Cannabis vs Digital Cannabis …what’s that all about? Well sit back and let an OG Cannabis guy explain.

Back in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s the world was analog. Phones, TV, radio all used analog waves. Since the 2000’s life has switched over to a digital world, everything has gone digital, and yes…including Cannabis!


Analog Dayz

Let me explain…back in the day, weed was 25 dollars for a four-finger lid (1-ounce bag), and to smoke it, there were three ways…. Joint, Bong, pipe, and that’s about it. It was usually filled with stems and seeds, and you had to do a lot of cleaning just so you could fill your bowl. It was the organic days of cannabis with buds and hash being the norm. I call the good old days the Analog days of cannabis. It was good, it was fun, it was messy, and there were always big skunky clouds of smoke that gave you away.

Enter the Digital Dayz: Digital Cannabis

The New Ducore®

Now in the 2000’s everything has gone digital now…including cannabis.

After a strong session using the Ispire DuCore Cartridge, and some righteous Luke Skywalker Concentrate, I started thinking how things have changed. Back in the day (analog dayz) you had weed, hash, hand rub, and the way you smoked it was with a bong, a pipe, and a rolled joint, it was all kind of organic in the way you used it—weed—fire—smoke. Now a dayz you have way stronger cannabis, flower, concentrates, shatter, crumble, you name it! And the way you smoke it now is kind of the same, but now there’s electricity, batteries, coils, and all sorts of ways to turn your cannabis into smoke or as we say now vapor…. even the terminologies have changed. The old dayz were great, but now with all these new technologies life is easier for me when using these new-fangled things. This is what we call “digital cannabis”!

The Digital Change: The Digital Cannabis Era

Ducore® Palm Battery
380 mAh

For me, what I love about the new cannabis digital world are those pen thingies—you know—those little cartridges with batteries? They’re great because they’re so portable and discrete, plus, the CBD and THC concentrates that go in them are delicious.

At first, I didn’t like them so much because they didn’t work very well! For example, they had a very tight draw, and they would often flood…

Why Vaping Weed?

What changed me into a constant user of these slim little things was when I tried the Ispire DuCore—that thing rocked my world!

It was like taking a hit off a pipe or a joint, it had great airflow, good taste, and didn’t get clogged up or leak out into my pocket. The Small pen style DuCore cartridge set-up is great for my life style. If you want a device that can slip into your pocket or purse, and ready at a moment’s notice–this is it! You can enjoy on-the-go stealth vaping with these little guys, and be the life of the party.


Cannabis has truly changed over the years, and I think for the better. These small new electronic devices help people on the go or vapers who want discreetness.

With cannabis vapes, they have a better experience with CBD and THC concentrates anywhere they go. The one company I found that has upped the game for the portable cartridges is Ispire. Give them a try and see if you don’t agree with me that going digital in the cannabis world is a good thing.