Ceramic coils were a breakthrough; they were a significant advancement in the vaping industry. Among its advantages, we can highlight a better distribution of e-liquids and an increased lifespan compared to other types of coil. However, there are some disadvantages, such as a faster consumption of vape juices. In this blog post, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coils.

It consists of a porous ceramic material and a coil made of Kanthal or nichrome or other coil material since ceramic doesn’t conduct electricity. The ceramic material encases the metallic coil, and it acts as a wicking material that absorbs the e-liquid.

What Are its Advantages ?

Increased Lifespan: This is probably the most important advantage over other types of coils. The ceramic protects the coils, and it helps to increase the coil lifespan, and it can last from a few weeks to several months. Nonetheless, it depends on the e-juices that you vape. For instance, sugary vape juices gunk up coils faster.

No Spitbacks: Ceramic is made of a porous material that retains the e-liquid better than cotton wicks. In other words, the electronic liquid has to leave through the porous ceramic to reach the mouth, which is much more difficult with a porous ceramic than with cotton wicks.

Reduce Dry Hits: it’s unlikely that you’d experience a dry hit with a ceramic wick. A dry hit produces an unpleasant taste and it happens when the wick isn’t properly saturated.

Better Absorption of Viscous E-Liquids: many vapers recommend ceramic wicks to vape nicotine salts and it’s also recommended for cannabis e-liquids. Cannabis e-liquids tend to be more viscous, and ceramic is better at absorbing viscous e-liquids than other wicking materials. It’s recommended for both CBD and THC e-liquids.

Better Flavor: Ceramic wicks don’t alter the taste of e-liquids. It allows you to have a cleaner vape and a purer flavor. In other words, these coils don’t interfere with the vape juice flavor. In addition, more e-liquid is vaporized with each puff which means an enhanced flavor experience.

What Are the Disadvantages of Ceramic Coils?

Not all are advantages. There are also some disadvantages that we will explain below:

Compatibility with Tanks: unfortunately, it is more challenging to find compatible tanks. Many tanks aren’t compatible with ceramic coils.

It Consumes More E-Liquid: Yes, they are better for flavor delivery, but this has a side effect. More flavor delivery means more e-liquid is vaporized on each puff, which means that you will probably end up spending a bit more money on vape juices.

Health Concerns: Some vapers are concerned about ceramic wicks and silica sediments. Why? Because some studies have found ceramic powders on the inner part of the coil. Ceramic wicks must be porous to absorb the vape juices. For this purpose, many ceramic coils are made of silica, polymers, and other materials such as starch.

Concerns come from silica powders. It is known that silica is the cause of a lung disease known as silicosis. But, is it safe to vape using ceramic coils? Let’s start by saying that we use top quality ceramic coils that have been extensively tested. Our ceramic coils have passed many quality controls. Silica particles that may cause silicosis are not released from our ceramic coils. In other words, it’s utterly safe to vape our ceramic coils.

What’s Silicosis?

Silicosis is a pulmonary condition that generally takes up to 10 years to develop. This disease is most commonly found in industries (such as mining) where people inhale crystalline silica. Usually, people working in mining, steel, glass manufacturing, and similar industries have more risks of developing it.

Are Ceramic Coils Safe?

Some researches were initially concerned about ceramic wicks and health effects. However, subsequent tests have ruled out any relationship between ceramic in vaping and silicosis. That said, it’s vital to choose high-quality products that will ensure a safer vaping experience.


Ceramic coils are a good option if you are vaping e-liquids that are more viscous. It’s recommended for nicotine salts and also for CBD and THC vaping.

If you are looking for better flavor delivery and durability, then they are the best option for you. Also, ceramic coils retain vape juices better than other coils, which means that you won’t experience spit backs. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a dry hit if you are vaping with a ceramic coil.

Moreover, it’s important to choose high-quality vape products. We know that some vapers are concerned about ceramic coils and silica particles. However, our coils have passed hundreds of tests and our formula is designed to withstand very high temperatures. In other words, it’s completely safe to vape with our ceramic materials.

Finally, our dual ceramic coils with Kanthal wire improve the absorption and vaporization of CBD/THC e-liquids. The coil has also integrated a patented anti-leak and anti-clog features to ensure a safe and comforting vaping experience.