There are many cannabis oil uses. Cannabis has been used for spiritual, recreational, and medical properties for thousands of years.

Cannabis was a vehicle of ecstasy used by many ancient civilizations such as Scythians, Iranians, Caucasian groups, and Altaic and Siberian tribes. It was also used in Ancient Greece.

Today, we mainly use cannabis for its medical properties and its recreational use. Nonetheless, cannabis as well as other entheogenic substances, could be used as a “spiritual substance”.

We all know about cannabis oil uses for medical properties. In addition, you can use it for recreational use and as an entheogen.

Cannabis as a Spiritual Substance: Entheogen

An entheogen is a substance capable of inducing altered states of consciousness or non-ordinary states of consciousness.

There are many substances that could be used for this purpose. However, many of these substances can be dangerous if used without knowing their effects, dosages, and side effects.

There are both potent and mild entheogen substances. For example, LSD or ayahuasca are considered potent entheogen while cannabis could be classified as a mild one. However, certain cannabis strains can induce powerful non-ordinary states of consciousness, sometimes similar to powerful psychoactive substances such as LSD.

These psychoactive substances have been used by many religious groups such as peyote by native American cults.

There are historical references of cannabis and its effects. For instance, the Pen Tsao Ching, a 1st-century medical treatise, asserts that “taken in excess it makes you see monsters, and if used for a long time you can communicate with spirits and lighten the body”.

Entheogens could be defined as a way to use the true philosophical tool, which is meditation. Some people claim entheogens help to understand death and even to overcome the atavistic fear of death. Furthermore, entheogens give you moments of extraordinary intensity, drunkenness, happiness. You will learn that everything that happens in the universe isn’t accidental.

Cannabis as a Recreational Drug

You can also use cannabis for recreational purposes. For example, cannabis oil use as a recreational drug in vaping devices, or cannabis as edibles, joints, and a long etcetera.

Cannabis strains with high THC level are ideal for recreational use. Cannabis will cause you a pleasant euphoria and sense of relaxation. In addition, you will also experience a heightened sensory perception and altered perception of time and also laughter. It is an ideal substance for brotherhood and comradeship.

There are many cannabis oil use, for example, you can use cannabis oil in vaping devices as it is a safe and fast intake method.

In addition, marijuana is also considered an aphrodisiac by many people. Many cannabis users vape cannabis to get in the mood for sex. Cannabis is considered one of the best substances to increase libido, especially in men. A moderated use of cannabis has been documented to increase libido in men. Moreover, cannabis is a vasodilator, in other words, it increases blood flow. Furthermore, its relaxant effect contributes to reducing pain during sexual intercourse. Hence, orgasms are more intense in women.

Cannabis and Medical Properties

Marijuana was used for therapeutic purposes as early as ancient times. However, its medical use has long been forgotten until recently. The therapeutic use of cannabis is a recent phenomenon. Cannabis and its cannabinoids have been used mainly as an antiemetic medicine, to manage pain and anxiety. Moreover, Epidiolex, an FDA prescription CBD, has been approved as a treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Both THC and CBD are used for their anti-anxiety properties. However, THC should be used with precaution as it could cause psychosis and more anxiety in high doses and in chronic users.

Furthermore, THC has been used in cancer and AIDS patients to reduce pain and nausea.

CBD and THC have been studied for their neuroprotective properties. Apparently, CBD and THC are potential antioxidants that delay or inhibit cellular damage.

Moreover, CBD and other cannabinoids are also researched for their use in the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory disease such as fibromyalgia.

Cannabis and Cannabis Oil Uses: Conclusion

There are basically three ways to use cannabis: as an entheogen, as a recreational drug and for its medical properties.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years. It was already used by ancient civilizations and it was even used in Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years ago. Today, we use cannabis in many ways and many different intake methods such as vaping.

Vaping is an effective intake method because it has a very high bioavailability, it is easy to use and it is absorbed through your lungs, which means inhalation methods provide a faster effect than edibles as it reaches your brain faster. In addition, it is much safer than other inhalation methods such as smoking as it does not produce tar and other carcinogenic substances.