Cannabis is consumed in many ways. The most popular method was smoking cannabis, but it has been gradually replaced by healthier and safer methods such as vaping and edibles. Inhaling cannabis has one important advantage, it enters your bloodstream much faster than edibles. Nonetheless, smoking, which is the most popular inhalation method, isn’t entirely safe because the combustion of plant material releases carcinogenic substances such as tar. On the other hand, vaping is an inhalation method that does not produce tar or other carcinogenic substances. Moreover, vaping has a very high bioavailability, which means how much of the substance enters your system to provide the expected results.

There are many types of vaporizers, and it’s time to decide which type of cannabis vaporizers suits you best. You can choose refillable vapes, disposable cannabis cartridges or dry-herb vaporizers. Let’s explain the differences between them so you can decide which type is the best option for you. Let’s dive in!

Cannabis Vaporizers: Cannabis Oil or Dry-Herb?

There are mainly two categories: cannabis oil vapes and dry-herb vaporizers. A cannabis oil vape is a device that works by vaporizing cannabis oil that could be THC-rich or CBD-rich one.

Dry-Herb Vaporizer

This kind of vaporizers are suitable for vapers that prefer to vaporize cannabis buds instead of cannabis e-liquids. There are many reasons why someone would prefer vaporizing cannabis buds over cannabis oils. The main reasons are:

  • More control of what you vape. Cannabis buds are considered more natural than cannabis oils. A cannabis bud is just plant material, and you just need to grind it before you want to vape it. In addition, you don’t know exactly what a cannabis oil contains unless you made it. In other words, you don’t know if it comes from high quality weed. Furthermore, cannabis oils are sometimes extracted with solvents and many vapers prefer to vape products that are completely natural and free of any other additives.
  • Cannabis buds are cheaper than cannabis oils. Cannabis oils take time to process. It involves a process of separating the cannabinoids from the plant material and getting rid of plant material and excess chlorophyll. Moreover, a solvent is needed for this process. Sometimes it is butane or ethanol while other times supercritical CO2 is used for the extraction of cannabinoids. The whole process takes time making the price of cannabis oil very expensive.
  • You don’t need to tinker with coils, e-liquids etc. With a dry-herb vaporizer, you just need to grind the cannabis buds and add it into the vaporizers. That’s all.

Cannabis Oil Vaporizers

Cannabis oil vaporizers are easier to use as they don’t require as much power as a dry-herb vaporizer. A dry-herb vaporizer takes time to heat up, while a cannabis oil vaporizer is automatic, just puff or press the fire button and you are ready to vape. Another important advantage, cannabis oil vapes are more suitable for stealth vaping. For example, dry-herb vaporizers smell more than cannabis oil vapes. A cannabis oil is ideal for vapers who prefer a stealth vaping style.

A cannabis oil vaporizer is your option if you prefer:

  • Stealth Vaping: cannabis oil vapes are perfect for stealth vaping. You can vape them anywhere and no one will know you are vaping weed.
  • Power Effective Device: a cannabis oil vape pen doesn’t need that much power. It fires very easily, and it just take seconds to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid. On the other hand, a dry-herb vaporizer takes longer time to heat up and it drains the battery faster that a cannabis oil vape pen.
  • Cannabis Oil Vapes are More Versatile: many cannabis oil vaporizers are also designed for other sort of e-liquids such as flower oils or nicotine oils. On the other hand, a dry-herb vaporizer is only designed for cannabis buds.
  • Disposable Pods: disposable pods are very convenient as you just need to attach the cannabis cartridge to the battery and vape. You don’t need to add e-liquid or grind cannabis buds. Many vapers prefer disposable cannabis cartridges because they are more convenient than dry-herb vaporizers.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Vaporizer

There are many different types of cannabis vaporizers. Mainly you have three main categories: dry-herb vaporizers, cannabis oil vapes and disposable cannabis cartridges.

You need to choose a cannabis vaping device that better suits your vaping needs. For instance, if you want to vape on a stealth mode, then you should choose either a refillable or a prefilled disposable cannabis cartridge. On the other hand, if you want to have more control over what you vape, then a dry herb vaporizer is a better option for you.

You need to consider other aspects such as battery life. For instance, a dry herb vaporizer drains faster than a cannabis oil vape pen.