Our endocannabinoid system helps us to balance our physiological processes. When you take CBD, you will not feel its effects immediately, it’s not magical nor will give you unbelievable powers. However, if you take it regularly, you will feel lots of improvements in your body.

Many times, we assume that we are our illness, no matter if we speak about physical problems or mental problems such as anxiety.

I have read recent new studies about cancer survival rates in mice. According to this study, mice treated with a combination of chemotherapy and CBD survived about three times longer than mice that were only treated with chemotherapy.

In addition, anxiety causes many negative impacts in our body, included loss of libido, high blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, irritability and a long etcetera. Moreover, when you suffer from chronic anxiety, your mental state isn’t the most positive one. In other words, if you want to reach your true potential, you need your brain to function so you can use your potential and true abilities to achieve your goals.

One efficient way to get your CBD is by inhaling it or vaping CBD. But, how to vape CBD? I’ll explain here how you can vape CBD and why you should start doing it!

CBD Effects in Your Body

There are so many preliminary studies about CBD. In addition, it is already used as an efficient treatment for epilepsy. However, I think it is CBD and anxiety one of the most interesting aspects about CBD.

We have all experienced anxiety, perhaps, mostly everybody experience some form of anxiety every day. Anxiety is something we inherit, either because of a genetic predisposition or because we grew up in an environment that trigger the development of anxiety. The most annoying thing about it, it’s that we learn to live with anxiety to the point of considering it a feature of our innate personality.

That affliction is mental, some kind of mental wound. CBD isn’t a cure for anxiety, but an aid to help you deal with it. Our mind is sometimes like an unlocked prison or a locked prison with us inside, but, with us holding the keys to open it and free ourselves. However, to understand the real cause of that pain takes time, meditation and lots of bravery.

CBD is a wonderful ingredient to help us deal with anxiety and even to assists us to unlock that prison that hold us inside, clueless and desperate.

Many CBD users have reported a better mood after taking CBD. For instance, people who suffer from anger (probably some form of anxiety) have experienced lots of improvements after using CBD regularly.

Brian Rose, the host of London Real interviews Teeka Tiwari about CBD, the CBD business and CBD interaction with our endocannabinoid system. In this interview, Brian Rose explain how CBD helped him to deal with his anger:


There are so many promising studies about the CBD industry that it’s sometimes overwhelming. However, it’s great that we finally accept CBD and hemp as a wonderful aid to help us deal with many illnesses and psychological problems. Let’s remind that it wasn’t always like that and that hemp was forbidden for many decades, too many decades perhaps…

CBD Vaping: How to Vape CBD

Basically, you just vape CBD the same way as you vape any other e-liquid. Nonetheless, it is recommendable to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it until you know what CBD quantity better works for you.

There are many recommendations about doses, but the fact is there are not official guidelines about CBD and dosages. However, you don’t need to worry about overdoses as it is impossible to overdose by vaping CBD, THC or any other cannabinoid.

Imoto has the Fatty and Canopy refillable cartridges with ceramic coils and Kanthal heating wire. Refillable tanks are more cost-effective in the long run.

On the other hand, if you are looking for inexpensive options, you can also vape CBD with disposable pods. For instance, the Fatty disposable version is a cost-effective option of the Fatty cartridges.

However, if you care about flavor and vapor production you better choose refillable cartridges.

How to vape CBD is very simple as you don’t need any special technique. Nonetheless, you might consider vaping a bit slower and longer puffs so you can absorb as much CBD as possible on each puff.

How to Vape CBD: Conclusions

In conclusion, it is easy to learn how to vape CBD. Basically, you don’t need to worry about overdosing or learning a new vaping method. However, you can try vaping longer and slower puffs when using CBD.

CBD is great to manage anxiety and many other health issues. For instance, it has been proved that CBD attenuates cortisol levels in our body. In case you don’t know it, cortisol is also called the “stress hormone”.

CBD vaping is great with low-powered setups as well. So, you don’t need to worry that much about buying very powerful devices. Finally, CBD vaping is a great method to get your CBD dose. It’s not the only efficient method though, as you can also take CBD orally. However, if you’re looking for a rapid absorption, vaping is the best method available.

It’s essential to buy good quality CBD, you don’t want to waste your money with inefficient CBD oils or e-liquids! So do your research and only buy the best available devices and e-liquids!