The perception of cannabis has changed in the past years. Cannabis consumption was vilified for decades and it was only considered a recreational drug with no medicinal properties. In addition, cannabis was also perceived as a gateway substance that could lead to more serious addictions.

Fortunately, this perception has changed and THC, THC vape oil and other cannabinoids and intake methods are used for many different purposes. For example, cannabis is a useful antiemetic, a treatment for anxiety, it is used to increase appetite and many other uses (creativity, relaxation)

Vaping THC vape oil is a new method compared with more traditional ones such as smoking weed, creams, body lotions or edibles.

Is it cannabis and cannabinoids such as THC good for health? Do they have medical properties? Cannabis has many properties, but it is also true that many of its properties have been overrated or based on non-scientific assumptions. Nonetheless, many people have claimed improvements after using cannabis in its many forms (THC vape oil, edibles, CBD, full-spectrum, isolates, etc.).

THC Vape Oil: What is it?

Most of THC cartridges are high on THC but it does not mean that they don’t contain other cannabinoids. It all depends on the cannabis strain where the cannabis oil was obtained.

There are many advantages in using THC vape oil cartridges. For example, THC cartridges are very easy to use. In short, you just need to press the firing button and inhale. In addition, many devices offer the possibility of just inhaling with auto-draw function.

How is it Obtained?

There are many ways to extract the cannabinoids from cannabis. For example, there are both solvent and solvent-free methods.

Solvent methods commonly use butane or ethanol to separate the trichomes from the plant material. After that, we need to get rid of the ethanol and then start the decarboxylation process of the remnant cannabis solution.

THC Vape Oil and CO2 Extraction

This method has gained popularity as it is considered purer than solvent extraction methods. With this method, there are no solvents that could altered the taste of the THC vape oil.

Supercritical CO2 is a fluid state of CO2, in this fluid state it has both gas and liquid properties. This state is obtained when carbon dioxide is held above its critical temperature and critical pressure.

Carbon dioxide acts the same way as a solvent by extracting cannabinoids and essential oils from cannabis. In addition, it is much more versatile solvent and safer than butane.

Carbon dioxide acts as a solvent without contaminating the cannabinoids. In conclusion, CO2 extraction is clean and toxic-free.

Vaping THC Vape Oil vs Smoking Weed

It was generally thought that joints gave a more powerful high than vapes. However, recent studies have proved otherwise. Vaping THC vape oils can give you a more powerful and faster high than joints.

Furthermore, vaping is safer than smoking joints. Vaping THC oils does not produce carcinogenic substances associated with the combustion of plant material.

A THC vape oil cartridge usually contains in the range of 1 to 2 ml of THC vape oil. This THC oil also comes in different concentrations.

In addition, cannabis vapes are easy to use as you just need to press the firing button. Moreover, many vapes offer auto-draw function, which means that you just need to inhale. Furthermore, if you do not want to refill the cartridges, there are many disposable THC vape cartridges available in the market.

What About Joints?

Joints are cheaper compared with THC vape cartridges. In addition, apparently vapes offer a shorter-lasting effect than joints. Moreover, a joint doesn’t need to be charged. On the other hand, a vaping device needs to be charged quite often.

Nonetheless, THC vape cartridges can offer a more powerful high and they are also a healthier alternative than joints.

How Do I Use a THC Vape?

THC vapes are very easy to use. Firstly, make sure that your device is charged. Secondly, if you are using a refillable pod, simply pull out the pod from the battery section and lift the silicon seal to supply it with your THC vape oil. On the other hand, if you are vaping a disposable pod, just simply inhale and vape.

The next step is just about inhaling. Most of THC vape oils are designed for a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping style. In other words, a vaping style similar to smoking a joint.

THC Vape Oil: Conclusion

Vapes are a great alternative to joints and other cannabis intake methods. In addition, it is very easy to use, and it offers a fast and powerful high. Furthermore, THC vapes are healthier than joints as there is no combustion of plant material that produces carcinogenic substances.

Perhaps, vape cartridges offer a shorter effect than joints, but you can compensate it by vaping higher concentrations of THC.