Most of cannabis vapes come in the form of vape pens. Vape pens are portable, easy to use and ideal for stealth vaping. A cannabis vape pen could be button-activated or an auto-draw device. In addition, cannabis vapes usually come with ceramic coils as they deliver flavor much better than wicks or quartz. Furthermore, ceramic coils are better for the absorption of viscous e-liquids like cannabis oils.

Ispire has three different cannabis vape pen kits, the Dacore Pen Kit 11 mm and 300 mAh, the Ducore Pen Kit 13.5 mm 350 mAh, and the Ducore Pen Kit 15.5 mm 400 mAh.

Why a Cannabis Vape Pen?

Because they are very easy to use, effective and portable. As all vaporization methods, the most important benefit about cannabis vaping is that it’s a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis buds. Why? Because vaping doesn’t release tar or other carcinogens created when the plant material is combusted.

Furthermore, cannabis vaping is a better option for consistent dosing. In short, it’s easier to control your cannabis intake with a cannabis vape pen than with other inhalation methods.

In addition, the best vape pens come with ceramic coils. The Ispire vapes uses dual ceramic coils (Ducore technology). These coils have superior heat retention which allows you to save battery. Moreover, ceramic coils are the best type of coils for flavor delivery.

Another important advantages about cannabis vapes its discreet aroma. Cannabis vapes have a less potent aroma than smoking weed. In other words, you can vape a cannabis vape pen discreetly.

In conclusion, a cannabis vape pen is the best option for dosing, portability, and stealth cannabis vaping. Moreover, it’s much easier to use than other kind of cannabis vapes such as dry-herb vaporizers or vape mods.

Ispire has three classics vape pen styles with ceramic coils.

Ispire Dacore Pen Kit 11 mm and 300 mAh

Dacore Pen Kit 11 mm
Dacore Pen Kit 11 mm

This is a classic vape pen device with a fire button. The Ispire Dacore 11 mm comes with a built-in 300 mAh battery. Furthermore, the Dacore 11 mm has an e-liquid capacity of 1 ml.

This cannabis vape pen comes with single ceramic coils and the battery is just 11 mm thick and 81 mm in height. In short, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Furthermore, it is charged through its micro USB charging port with an easy top filling.

The single ceramic coils are not replaceable, and the coil resistance is 1.4-ohm with a Kanthal wire.

Ispire Ducore Pen Kit 13.5 mm 350 mAh

Ducore 13.5 mm
Ducore 13.5 mm

The Ducore comes in multiple color versions: stainless steel, blue, rainbow and red, yellow…A total of sixteen different color versions!

This vape comes with Ispire’s Ducore coils. These dual coils are designed to maximizes e-liquid absorption and flavor delivery. In addition, the Ispire Ducore 13.5 mm is slightly shorter than the Dacore vape pen. However, it is a bit thicker (13.5 mm) with an e-liquid capacity of 0.5 ml.

The Ducore coils are ceramic coils with Kanthal wires and a coil resistance of 0.7-ohm.

It’s essentially a vape pen very similar to the Dacore but instead of employing single ceramic coils, the Ispire Ducore Kit 13.5 mm comes with dual ceramic coils.

Ducore Pen Kit 15.5 mm 400 mAh

Ducore Pen Kit 15.5 mm

This vape pen is bigger, with more battery capacity and 1.0 ml cartridges. As the Ducore 13.5 mm vape, the Ducore Pen Kit 15.5 mm comes with multiple color options. In this model, you can choose from eight different colors. In addition, you can choose from five different drip tips (black, green, stainless steel, blue and red).

What Cannabis Vape Pen is Best for me?

It depends on your vaping needs and your vaping style. If you are looking for a simple vape with single ceramic coils, then the Dacore 300 mAh is a good option for you. However, the battery won’t last as much as the Ducore Pen Kits as they come in two versions, one with a 350 mAh battery and another version with a 400 mAh one.

All three vape pens are very efficient in the vaporization of cannabis oils. However, if you are looking for more absorption and flavor delivery, then the Ducore Pen Kits are the best option for you.