We are proud to announce that Ispire Wand, the first portable induction heat dabbing device, has won the prestigious John MacKay Best Scientific Advancement Award in the cannabis industry. This prize is awarded by Dr. John MacKay, an expert in supercritical CO2 extraction of cannabinoids, and known in the cannabis community as the “Godfather of Extraction”.

Why has the Ispire Wand won the Best Scientific Advancement Award?

The Wand is one of the most effective devices to dab your cannabis concentrates. In addition, the Magic Wand is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. For beginners, it is the most effective and safest way to consume concentrates. For experienced users, the Wand device offers advanced customization with a wide range of bangers and temperature control. Moreover, the Wand has temperature adjustment for each variation of cannabis concentrate. It is a versatile induction device that uses a patented induction technology with very high heating efficiency and minimal combustion.

Why is the John MacKay Best Scientific Advancement Award Important?

This is one of the most important awards given in the cannabis industry and has been awarded in previous years to very prestigious brands in the cannabis industry. The award is given to the best devices exhibiting the most efficient and innovative features. Ispire Wand has been positively valued and awarded for its innovative technology, quality, and performance. Induction technology represents an innovation never seen before in dabbing devices.