Cannabis vape is a budding industry, and even with a high-quality product, it can be difficult to distinguish your brand. Whether you’re short on ideas or overflowing with creative inspiration, partnering with an expert team helps you define and build your cannabis brand. A good partner will guide you through the branding process with professional consultation, concept, and design. And a dope partner will customize, produce, and deliver the high-quality hardware to match.

Define your brand

Brand building is more than choosing colors and designing logos. Successful brands in any industry are built around ideas and ideals. Your cannabis product is your brand’s foundation, and you’ve worked hard to make it the best it can be. The next step in defining your brand is articulating your purpose. What made you decide to get into the cannabis game? How will you differentiate your brand identity? What values will your brand represent, and what are your goals for it? The answers to these questions will define your purpose and help you and your branding partner develop your vision.

But your consultation should also address concrete product solutions. Does your cannabis product have specific hardware requirements for guaranteeing an optimal experience? What’s your target market, and how will your branded vape hardware cater to their needs and expectations?

Design and customize

Brand design and customization is where you take all the ideas, concepts, and specifications you’ve just defined and figure out how they’re going to look, feel, and add to your customers’ cannabis vape experience. In other words — this is the fun part.

Pick your look, add specialized tech, change the mouthpiece, or offer options. The idea here is to give your vision shape, color, and life. Do you want to stick to the basics or do something entirely new? Hardware design and customization is a collaboration between you, your branding partner’s creative team, and dope hardware engineers.

But the creativity doesn’t stop with hardware. You get to play with product names, logos, packaging, and presentation. Is your cannabis brand playful and focused on a quality high? Is it medicinal and focused on sharing the health benefits of cannabis? Maybe your brand is high-class, iconic, edgy, or mellow. How will your logo reflect your vibe? What look and feel does your packaging need to express your brand values and make the promise your product fulfills?

Production and customer service

So far, it’s been a lot of questions. But we’ve now reached the portion of product development where you get to sit back, relax, and wait for your cannabis brand to step into the third dimension. Manufacturing, packaging, and delivery are all that stand between you and your finished product.

And it’s where the rubber meets the road for your brand-building partnership. At Ispire, we’re backed by more than a decade of vape industry experience. We have the manufacturing process down to a science, and your branded cannabis vape products are engineered from the highest quality materials in the industry. Medical grade stainless steel cart construction protects your customers from the heavy-metal leaching risk of industry-standard, nickel-plated brass. Adjustable air flow allows them to personalize their cannabis vape experience, and our patented Ducore™ dual coil heating system is high-tech protection for the flavor and effect of your cannabis oil.

At Ispire, we respect the integrity of your product from plant to vapor. We’re equipped to provide you with high-tech, high-quality hardware and premier customer service. And we’re invested in helping you realize your vision for your cannabis brand. Our design team can help you brainstorm branding ideas from scratch or build on your existing creative concept.

For unmatched service and experience, full customization, brand building, creative design, high-quality materials, and expert engineering for your cannabis vape brand,