Many people claim that marijuana helps them boost their sexual drive. Also, studies are stating that women that used marijuana before sex were two times more likely to report satisfactory orgasms than those with limited use of cannabis. However, marijuana and libido are controversial, and some health authorities state that and excessive use decreases libido instead of boosting it.

Marijuana appears to improve satisfaction with orgasm. Believe it or not, many people use it to increase their libido. Notably, many women have reported getting hornier after using cannabis. Many people used cannabis for other purposes and experienced this pleasant “side effect”…

There are many theories about marijuana and libido, but usually, it’s thought that a reduced level of anxiety is the most important factor associated with an increase in libido. Also, it has often been classified as a traditional aphrodisiac by many cultures and traditional medicines.

Marijuana and Libido: Cannabinoids

CBD,THC,CBC,CBN,CBG,THCV Natural Cannabinoids in Cannabis.
CBD,THC,CBC,CBN,CBG,THCV Natural Cannabinoids in Cannabis.

There are many different types of cannabinoids, and not all of them induce the same effects. For instance, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, while other cannabinoids such as CBD or CBC are not psychoactive. Consequently, we can conclude that not all cannabinoids have the same effect on libido. Some sources claim that THC boosts libido because it reduces anxiety, and it slows down the perception of time.

We still don’t have enough scientific data to prove that cannabis increases libido. What we know, however, is that many users have reported a boost in libido after using marijuana.

We have endocannabinoid receptors distributed all over our body, included the reproductive tract (and the brain). Also, it seems that both CBD and THC help with libido by reducing anxiety.

Most studies about marijuana and libido are about female sex drive. Its anxiolytic effects reduce intercourse pain and increase lubrication. Also, in men, marijuana doesn’t impair sexual functions as alcohol does.

Furthermore, it seems as the effects of marijuana on libido are more effective in women than in men.

Marijuana and Libido in Men

Marijuana and libido, its effects on sexual functions, are controversial. Acute use of marijuana has been shown to increase sexual desire, but it has been documented that chronic use of marijuana decreases libido in males.

Furthermore, studies on mice have shown that chronic use of THC decreased libido and increased erectile dysfunction. However, on the other hand, the acute use of marijuana may have a positive effect on libido in men.

Also, marijuana acts as a vasodilator, which means that it increases blood flow. This effect means it may contribute to a better sexual response in men. Nonetheless, it’s not well-known the physiological effects of marijuana in the context of sex.

As previously mentioned, it’s not well-known if marijuana improves sexual performance and sexual response. However, cannabis was classified as an aphrodisiac by many traditional medicines, and many people claim it helps them.

Marijuana and Libido in Women

As mentioned above, marijuana has helped many women with sexual problems. Marijuana has been effective in reducing pain during sexual intercourse, and it increases libido and orgasms are more intense.

We tend to reduce sexuality to genitalia, but it’s actually more emotional and mental. When we take marijuana, we tend to be more relaxed and reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, it helps many women to get a better sexual experience.

However, the dosage is crucial. High doses of cannabinoids will not have a positive effect on your sexual performance. For instance, men will most likely experience erectile dysfunction, and women will not have a pleasant sexual experience. Therefore, it’s recommended to take it in small doses.

How to Intake Cannabis

Many people are interested in cannabis for sexual performance, but they don’t want to smoke it. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you can turn to edibles or vaping.

Edibles have the disadvantage that it takes more time to take effect. Additionally, It’s more challenging to control when the cannabinoids kick in, and the results are more unpredictable.

On the other hand, vaping is a faster alternative. When you vape cannabis, the cannabinoids take between 10 to 30 minutes to make a full effect on your body. In other words, it’s less unpredictable and faster than edibles. Also, vaping doesn’t leave odors, and the effects last for about 2 to 3 hours, which is much shorter than the effects caused by edibles.

Marijuana and Libido: Conclusion

It’s not well-known why cannabis improves libido in women and men. Women have reported better orgasms and reduce pain during sexual intercourse.

For men, however, cannabis is often associated with erectile dysfunction, which means that it’s not always recommended for men.

There are different intake methods: smoking, edibles, and inhaling. Edibles take more time to take effect, and it lasts for a longer time. On the other hand, vaping is a faster alternative than edibles and a healthier alternative compared with smoking. If you vape cannabis, the effects usually kick in after 10 to 30 min, and they last for approximately 2 to 3 hours.