There are two fundamental factors in vaping cannabis: how good does it hit and battery life. When we vape cannabis, we want a device that can effectively vaporize cannabis oils, so we can get the most of our cannabis. In addition, bioavailability is very important and therefore we need a device that offers good hits and battery life. The Ispire Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh offers more battery life and better hits so you can get the most of your cannabis oil.

The Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh has both manual and automatic preheat options. In addition, you can connect any 11 mm cartridge in the market (510 magnetic connector).

For a better vaping experience, we recommend you combine it with the Ducore 11 mm cartridge available in two tank capacities: 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml.

The Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh is available in four color options: blue, gray, yellow and white.


  • Battery Capacity: 900 mAh
  • Dimensions (mm): 39.7*74.2*18.0
  • Voltage Output: 2.9 V / 3.1 V / 3.4 V
  • Thread: 510
  • Charging Current: 1 A
  • Firing Mode: Button activate & Auto Draw
  • Charging Port: Micro USB Charging
  • OEM / ODM Available

Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh: Quality and Design

Yellow Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh.
Yellow Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh.

It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. The Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh is ideal for stealth vaping and it’s also a portable vape. Moreover, it has an impressive 900 mAh built-in battery. Furthermore, you will be able to vape during days without recharging your battery.

This battery is very easy to use and it’s designed for MTL vaping to mimic cannabis smoking. It has two fire options: button activate and auto draw. Both options deliver a perfect hit. Just press the fire button three times to change from one mode to the other.

The Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh is compatible with all 11 mm 510 cartridges in the market. Furthermore, it comes with a convenient 510 magnetic connector, i.e. you don’t need to screw the battery onto the tank with its magnetic connector.

At just 39.7 mm in width, 74.2 mm in height and 18.0 mm thick, the Ducore Palm Battery 900 mAh is perfect for stealth vaping and as a vape-on-the-go.

In addition, the Ducore Palm 900 mAh comes with the following safety features:

  • Vaping Over-time Protection
  • Open Circuit Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Overheat Protection

Another unique feature of the Ducore Palm 900 mAh is the preheat function. To preheat it, just simply hold and press the button for three seconds. After five seconds, the device will automatically heat the coil. This process ensures you get instant flavor.

Ducore Palm Battery Power Indicator

The Palm 900 mAh battery has a power indicator that changes its color depending on the voltage. When the voltage is between 3.8V and 4.2V (0-30% power) the light will turn red. When the voltage is between 3.5-3.8V (30% to 60% power) the light will turn blue. Finally, when the voltage is higher than 3.8V the light will be green.

Voltage Output

The Ducore Palm 900 mAh could be adjusted to 3 different voltage settings: 2.8 V, 3.1 V and 3.4 V. Just click the mode button to set your preferred voltage output.

Vaping with the Palm Battery 900 mAh

It depends on the battery you use. We recommend vaping it with our Ducore 11 mm cartridge. Ducore cartridges are designed for the absorption of thick e-liquids like cannabis oil e-liquids. Our Ducore cartridges deliver a tight and smooth vapor. It’s very easy to vape the Palm Battery 900 mAh with a Ducore cartridge and you won’t have difficulties to activate it.

The Ducore cartridges come with dual ceramic coils. The porous dual ceramic coil is designed for viscous e-liquids. The vaporization is very effective and the Ducore coils offer one of the highest bioavailabilities in the market.