As we gear up for MJ Bizcon, we're excited to announce a significant development in dosing technology: the launch of the SWTCH ONE. This device, manufactured by Ispire and first brought to market by Hidden Hills, represents a new chapter in our Ispire ONE series.

Ispire SWTCH ONE - Dual Tank All-In-One (AIO) Hidden Hills Launch

The SWTCH ONE: Elevating Dosing Technology
The SWTCH ONE, the latest innovation in the Ispire ONE series, is designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and user choice. Featuring a dual-tank system, it allows users to switch between two 1.5mL oil tanks or combine them for a unique dosing blend. This user-focused design reflects the commitment of Ispire to versatility and quality in dosing technology.

Manufactured by Ispire, Brought to Market by Hidden Hills
While the SWTCH ONE is expertly manufactured by Ispire, known for our cutting-edge dosing solutions, Hidden Hills is the pioneering brand bringing this innovative device to consumers. Look for the SWTCH ONE in stores as part of Hidden Hills' luxurious and stylish product offerings.

Ispire SWTCH ONE - Dual Tank All-In-One (AIO) Hidden Hills Launch

A Call to Brands: Join the SWTCH ONE Revolution
The launch of the SWTCH ONE is just the beginning. We invite other brands to join this revolution in dosing technology. Contact Ispire to learn how the SWTCH ONE can become a part of your brand's offering, delivering an unmatched experience to your customers.

Discover the SWTCH ONE at MJ Bizcon
Before you visit us at MJ Bizcon, get a glimpse of what's in store. The SWTCH ONE is more than a product; it's a symbol of innovation and sophistication in the dosing market. Be among the first to discover the SWTCH ONE, a collaborative effort between Hidden Hills and Ispire, leading the way in advanced dosing technology.